TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Willie reunites with childhood hero Hulk Hogan

After sharing with Natalie and Al that meeting Hulk Hogan was the “best day” of his life, TODAY’s Willie Geist gets a special surprise when the wrestling legend shows up and gives him a lesson in T-shirt ripping.

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>>> welme back to today on is tuesday morning, aust 6th, 2013 . i'm al roker with willie geist and natalie morales . and,ou know,e wt to take a trip dowmemory lane in honor of you. sn't lg ago wn you heard this.

>> i wa my dad was writing a story f the new york tes i 1985 abouthe veryirst ever wrestle maa at madisonquare garden and backstage iet hulk hogan and it remains the greate day of my life.

>> and y've seen him here since. in case christine and the ki are watching i canhink of three other at as that are probably the greest da.

>> no, that's what i saying.

>> wedding day? birth of either ild.

>> the first oasose.

>> well, and now we fast forward to today ladies and ntlemen.

>> august 6th .

>> a day whe we'll witness love firsthand.

>> ion't know whas happening here.

>> the one and only.

>> no.

>> the one and only.

>> wait a minebrher.

>> betterhan theeddi day.

>> etter than the weddingday.

>> oh my gosh.

>> the birth of mychildren.

>> what's up big man.

>> what' uphulk. how you doing, man.

>> i'm doing great. i brought some stuff so you could relive your childhood, man.

>> omen over.

>> this is unbelievab.

>> did he say betr tha his wedding day. better than his weddi day.

>> how areou doing hulk. good to see u.

>> good to see you, brother.

>> so theirst wrestle mania . i was backstage. my dad was writing for the new york times, the piecebout the first wrestlemania. you wer in your jeans and so great. your hand swallowed my little n-year-old ha.

>> tngs changed at.

>> we this conrsation and you snapped a sprinted away from us a ran dn the run way right into the ring and bea up mr. t. don'know who it wa you wt fro meeting theid back into the ring. just cool, calm and collecte tss . that's like 8-year-old me in a hulkamania t-shirt.

>> show him h to rip it off. yeah. i got the head band too.

>> another sleeping shirt here, ma nice.

>> oneor the wife. so she can wear the sht, man.

>> saking of youwife, christshe ha a atemen i liev there's enough room in a man's heart for his wife, his family, and of course his childhood he. let's faceit, this isrobably why willie agreed to marry me in the firstplace.

>> first you have to get in character. yore tking to the ks and having fun and something snaps your head and you go let me tell you something other, will g., a roker and i are goin to run wil o everybody here on today and what are you ing