TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

TODAY anchors get silly with teensy T-shirts

After taking a look at the messages on a series of kids’ T-shirts, Natalie, Willie, and Al have a little fun trying to get into the tiny tees.

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>>> if you needed a oth reason to hate natalie morales . look at this. she has got on a t-shirt for a five-year-old.

>> size 5-6.

>> yes.

>> for a 5-year-old and she is wearing it

>> i'm enjoying it

>> let's try it.

>> , no.

>> if nothing else iproves how stret sttchy tsehirts are.

>> the lolipop kids.

>> we'll never get out of these.

>> it says it's not broke. i think the shirt isbroke.

>> tretch it out a little bit. we g something thereorhe restf the suer, al

>> i can't breathe.

>> yes, who wears it better