TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Driving test failed 10 seconds in as car flips

Footage from a driving test in Korea has gone viral after a woman careens off the road, flipping the test car just moments after getting behind the wheel.

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>> trending on youtube, how long did it take for you tass your driving test .

>> fst timi think. i failed ibefore.

>> you nailed it?

>> but as an adult. that's another story.

>> think we want to hear it l rit. no matter bad it was. it couldn't be as bad as this woman's driving test . check it out.

>> oh no. oh no. oh.

>> she's got some explaining to do. she drove into a bank the car flipped over on is roof. her defense few drivers have passed it the first time.

>> we, i know we don't have time to talk about it but i passed my first time. we do.

>> we do have time. gather around everyone. my licensed expired whe i was 26 years old.

>> expired or was taken away.

>> whatever. details. so i had to renew it because it expired i had to take the driving test and i hadn't driving so long at that point i thought all you have to do is show that you know how to drive. my mind s washatf a 16-year-old. i paused. i just rolled through. i didn't use a blinker. i was like i know how to drive and was like i'll see you later and he was like you failed. you failed every item. u vlated like ten la.

>> usually the stop you right in the middle.

>> he wanted to see how bad it could get.

>> which state was this in? missouri. and they were right. so i had to move to arizona. i moved out of state and got another license.

>> never let her drive.