TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Oprah’s hair-raising magazine cover turns heads

For O Magazine’s September cover, the media mogul donned a nearly four-pound wig she dubbed “wild thing.” TODAY’s Al Roker shares a clip from his interview with Oprah where she discusses her relationship with Lindsey Lohan and her thoughts on turning 60.

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>> ha raising issue, the media mogul wears a nearly four pound wi for theeptember issue of magazine. th headlineays let's talk about hairnd t mazine exploreswomen's obssion with all things hair. the long ahe short of it. it's like carrying an ext head. luckyhe hasroad shoulders. herickname for the wi wild thing. and wi the new movie comg out, "the butl" oah is everywhere today. you got a chance to sit down wi he

>> thas right. we'll tal about the mieut yesterdai talked to her aut one of the stories that kept her in the headles lately. he decisiono do business with lindsey lohan .

>> all i canay about it i that i believe tha she believes that she is ready to move rward her fe. this series for , i heard a lot of things about me mentoring her or -- i will be involved in the pduction of it and i will offer my advice a counsel to herf she is willing to reive it. i have to say, i a a pson that lived my life in the public e since i was 19ears old, if somebodyad given me $7 milon fo thatob whennew nothing and had no experience, i don't know what wou hav become of me

>> and she said the good thing th held oprah, she was 30 when it happened and b she had a group of people around her who were strumental i helping her ma the right decisions.

>> that picture of her withhe hair on the cover of the magazine was like she had a picture of you sittingn top of her head.

>> she called you wild thing o.

>> looat that.

>> yeah any excuse t get that out.

>> on another note we ao talkedbout an upcomg evt that got her jus a little nervous.

>> janua marks a milestone for you.

>> yes. i'm a little -- you know it's the only age i've evereen that i had to like hiccup about. the 60s. 60.

>> it's the new 30.

>> not the new30, al.

>> no, new 40?

>> 45.

>> what are you going to do?

>> a goingo throw a big bash and celebrate making that mistone. that's wt m goingo and i'moing to try to get an invitation.

>> yeah.

>> surprised you didt alrea get that.

>> 'm trying. i'm working onthat. we have me of our interview with opr and the movie, lee daniels , "the tler" coming up tomorr.