TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Car makers phasing out CD players

As car compact disc players are phased out by manufacturers, some die-hard CD fans are resisting the move.

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hero: today, how noticed somethg maybe missing from newerodel cars. rememb these things? we're called s.

>> what? is this your cd ?

>> it is that's a christmas album . their arrival on the music scene withouupposeto sll doom for the cassette ta.

>> we, now the bells are lling for the disks. car manactures are slowly dingut the cd playe but actually they're proving hd to get rid of because a l of people don't want to ge up their prized colleions of s. do you have the cd tower at your hoe?

>> i do.

>> i don't want t get rid of them.

>> some companieson't even fer the devices anymore and others are putting them in th gle compartmt.

>> i still have tha87 mixed tape you made for me.

>> actually, you know you love cds and we joked about the atrack b you're a modern guy. we have a le shot of your dressing room right now and you left i on.

>> tha reminds me. is tha your copy of ter bea magane? what a babe.

>> it's makin a b comeback.

>> it is. the turntable is back in a big way.

>> i'm aodern guy.

>> the days i have the bing crosby albums but i