TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

From ‘far out’ to ‘lol’: The evolution of slang

NBC’s Jenna Wolfe takes a look at how slang words become a part of our daily jargon, recalling popular words from decades past, like “sit-upons” and “rain-napper” that now sound like a foreign language.

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>> we are bact 8: . remember the days of when something was outf sightr yo dn't want to hang out with a square?

>> luckilye have come a long way since those da. jenna wolf has more on the evolution of slan

>> right on savannah. u would probably scratchour head if anyone liked yourit upon but once upon a time they were all the rage. but nowadays even a simple conversation can be a challee. far out.

>> wt used to cool. groovy, baby.

>> nowadays might as wl be a foren language.

>> far t. uset in a sentence.

>> oh my gosh. what about le it's groovy.

>> no.

>> no.

>> and the furth back you go, the more foreign i gets. once un a time, these were sit-uponand you kept dry with a in-napper and hogmagunday? that's what that ans. slang is a funny thin it comes and goies. what is the point of it.

>> it's a way fors to have a ns of belonging. it's used by somgroups.

>> here does it come from? where it born?

>> we don'tnowhatndividl creates slang. we just know it emerges.

>> omimes it lives onn unexpected places. wt's up doc?

>> one of bugs bunny 's creats who ha come from dals texas where in the 1920s and 30s people were calling each other, doc. what knew.

>> would it be possible for us he an entire conversation in slang.

>> what's up.

>> how's it hangin

>> it's all right.

>> sucksday.

>> f real?

>> whatif.

>> i'm olaryngology of he.

>> outie.

>> asht shong my age.

>> hag tag this just happed.

>> from tv today.

>> fried chicken i fry fry chicky chicky.

>> to the web.

>> his igog toetcrca crca ay. today's generation is saying th darnest thgs

>> wha if i saidhiswimming pool is sick, would you know what i was talking abou

>> no.

>> a fend ofine from texas said thodes nice of fresh.

>> okay.

>> have you heard of the word thode?

>> no.

>> lol, jk. on my way, anything write i write in acronyms.

>> hen you get into the digital language i good. my son sends mexo and ppp and i don't kn what he is saying. who knows how long before hashtag goes that way.

>> we move on and com up wh ne things language is like that. peop are like that there's alway been slang and always will be.

>> #well id.

>> there's actually where some englh courses are teaching slang.

>> oh, #le you care.

>> we have normal convsations.

>> what havee become?

>> i will not answer any of h texts or e-mails if they are not in english.

>> you say that but back in your day you had expressions.

>> bk in your day.

>> in our day.

>> i remember backn 23 --

>> i don't know what that means and your parents probabl --

>> itoeseem like is a little out of hand these days.

>> at e end of a generatn we'll get a new sers of wor to mak fun of.

>> hashtag agre.