TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Fall movie preview: ‘Catching Fire,’ ‘Anchorman’

The coming months promise to bring audiences to the box office in droves, with stars like George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock featured in fall films. Jess Cagle of Entertainment Weekly gives a preview of what you can expect from Hollywood this fall.

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>>> e're back at 8:39. thnext months promise to bring big movies to th box office . big names all starrg i fall movies. here is entertainment wely's managing editor lcome ck. good to see you.

>> thanks matt.

>> these are big nam and in some cases last year's oscar wiers returng f the first te. les start with jennife lawrce. she won an oscar for silver linings playook and has two fis cing ou

>> two fis. one is cled american hustle and shereteams with her costars d director from silver linings playbook. thiss th scandal from t 19s which is a sting operaon that swept up a lot o liticians. made aot of news at the time. fascinating stor christian bale and amy adams in th one

>> she is also in american hustle .

>> that ones arican hule.

>> catching fi.

>> catching fire is of course the second movie from the hunger games trilogy. an ermous amount of antipati for this.

>> eorge cloon a sana bullockeaming up. do they even need a scpt?

>> gravity opens october 4th . theylay the tw astronas working on a sce shutt is hit by dris and the a stranded in space. it is a ragerring amazing fm that iighly recommend. mark your calendars f . it's literally like n movie yove ever seenbefore.

>> even technologically speaking it's a big leap forwardnd sandra bullock is incredible.

>> aot of moviesased on real even in the ws. captain philli is a ory here about the hijacking. captain phillips was they's me. tom hanks ihe star ofhis e.

>> when we wated t story unfold onhe news,ouaw the pirates take over this cargo ship in the indian oce and holdherewor ranmnd then there was a big standoff with arican war ships. and capta phillips was the hero o thehing andatching this you kept thinkg this is a movie.

>> waiting for it to happennd finally ppened.

>> tom hanks aged

>> he sry aboutulian assae.

>> the rise and fall o wileaks and julian assange. explores the grey area between ou need to kno the tth and people's need for privacy. it goes behind t sces.

>> the wolf of wall street .

>> another true life story about an early 90s stockbroker and yachts and women and caine and all of that stf. if there's nhingor you this fall, wait untilhe holidays, ahorman iback. nine yes after the first one, weothe quel.

>> you really raved about gravity.