TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Mon dieu! Baguette sales decline in France

Just 100 years ago, the average Frenchman ate more than three entire baguettes a day, but today the average has declined to just a half, prompting a new campaign to encourage more baguette purchases. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> that?

>> exactly.

>> new york has bals. paris has baguettes. appantly peoe aren't eating them as much ymore. miel kosinski is in ris. michelle, take it away.

>> hello matt. the baguette issrench a the beret, the mime, you don't see thosenymore but00 years ago every frenchman on average ate threente bagttes every single day. today, half a baguette. so now bakers are rending ople putway your pizza and pasta and have fresh fat free bread.

>>eporter: way beyond the stereo ty ster stereotypes in paris y'll find baguettes in bags, arms, long lines, huge bites with dogs and orange nts.

>> must have a guette.

>> must have a guette?

>> mus have a baguette.

>> they're ccerned about the young generation.

>> we won't botheretting down and buying abaguette.

>> the bakers are rifing on the meshot milk campaign. it says did you get the bread?

>> france without the baguette what would itbe?

>> lost.

>> nowhat i'm in her i kind of want that brownie instead.

>> our american girl in paris with the new york times is a bread cooisseur.

>> you have tbe stro.

>> if you were eing an entire baguette ourselves every day, wouldn't w weigh 300 pnds in a month? no, bausee wouldn'tat ceal with sug or a candy bar at 4:00 in the afternoon when we re hury.

>> so ts is the brefast of french chamons.

>> this is the breakfast o frch champions.

>> yes.

>> do u know any french champions?

>> not to worry, he put uso work in his kitchen is a champion baker.

>> we put everything inside.

>> just pour it in.

>> okay. so you have to touch it with passion andlove.

>> do you ever g you feet in there? maybe your fa?

>> ot lon a his was named the best bread in a of par gattis. thatrtistry is harde to find. even here. but when people doind it they eait up.

>> ou won't let the baguette die ou

>> no. we'll ep it alive.

>> every year 10 billion, llion with a bf the things areold in frce. people are eatin them but bakers want to make sure people ep eating em pecially the nic tdition es theyon'tant to disappear. back to you guys.

>> chelle tha you very much. we raise abaguette. we do

>> and a glass of wine if we had e. our champagne to say congratulations to you michelle.

>> she got engaged.

>> yeah.

>> thank you very much. thank yo

>> i did.

>> there are two guettes. no mishaps y. no mishaps ye

>> we'rery,ery hap f you. there's a shot of you right ere.

>> kimble duan.

>> were you shocked michle.

>> thankou. i don't know i mean,t's terrifying and it feels good. yeah i was shocked at the time but it was definitely hding in at direction i think. so that's a good thin right? we know that it's going to last forever, righ yes.

>> there you go.

>> wouldt it be funnyf he were waiting in the wings and he came in d weid t wedding live on tv?

>> it would be good.