TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

New book tells story of JFK’s final year

Author Christopher Anderson talks about his new book, “These Few Precious Days,” which details the last year of John F. Kennedy’s life before a fateful day in Dallas took it all away. He says their years in the White House were the time JFK and his wife Jackie were the closest.

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>> ut as we approach the anniversary of the asssiti of president kenne, theacts surrouing his life and family are ill captivating the world.

>> it continues to insre era filled with promise.

>> e was from a well connected east cst family. she was a striking beauty. a soale whose natural grace caught the eye of the ultimate baelor th we one of the original por companies.

>> i accpanied jacqueline kennedy topari blagued wh allegations of infidelity happy birthy mr. president*

>> the veil has bnlifted. in his new book, the author claims despite all ofheir difficulties it was the year in the white house that brought them the clost beforehe faitul day in dallas took it all away. christopher anderson is with us now. good morning, it's gd to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> s tsour 5th book on the kennedys .

>> it sure is.

>> there's still more to writ

>> absolutely. from dayne the capred the world's aginion and at a certn age,his is aefing mome in your life. everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing when dallas happened

>> well, for lk of betr word there'sarts o this book that are dishy.

>> yes.

>> y write about the infidelitys of the former president.

>> well not alleged. estaishe that brings me to my qution. how did y g this information? who d you talk to? some of this has nev been heard before.

>> iave bn writi about the kennedys f 30 years. pele, all the people tha rely were there and during their lifeteshey asked meo keep cerin things quite. they have pasd on now and i was able t use material from those interviews and new interviews and new tapes released that show that for example, jackie kennedy was very much aware of her husband's infidetys and thene person she was mo worried about was marilyn monroe .

>> the's a part of your book that says marlin cailyn called the white house .

>> absolutely. she called jackie and said look he's gngo marry me and ckie's response was that's fine. you ve into the white house you'll have all the probms. and this was verified by a number of people in the book.

>> people are s fascited by that relionship and the looked at it so closel you come to any conclion about ether it was relaonshipbo love versus professional convennce.

>> the kennedys , jace a jack, the point of the book is they had huge obscles to overcome but they did in the last year. the death of their iant s patrick . the world was ritedy that. he died in jack's arms i. was a huge trady tt finally brought them together as a uple and jackie said we were just about to have a real lif togeer.

>> onef the argumts you make in the book is it was the time in the white house that really mented their relationship when originally jkie thought this wi tear us apart.

>> heai we'llen ldfi bowl i won't s him. but she sawim mor during the riod in the white house tn e had ever seenim before they spent time ithe afternoon. theyook naps togetr almos ever day. causheook 45 minut n every day in the white house . they grew close in theay that th hadn't and after patrick 's ath there was an intimacy between them. he had a phobiabout being touched. he didt like touchin people. andheai he found holding nds distasteful but after patrick 's death people sawhem hugging,mbrangnd kissing and we stunned by how close ey had grown.

>> a lot of people know nhat jfk had pround health problems it wasn' known then but you ite aboua doctor, someone you call dr.eel gd who pplied both jacknd jackie with anphetamines.

>> decadesefor viagra and those kind of things, jack kenny was getng massive doses of testosterone. his doctor told me these were huge doses to offset the medicine he was taking foris addison's disease. th combid withhe others he was getting fro d elgood. ther may have been a medical reason for his cheating

>> we onlyave about 2 seconds left. you give a rivoting aount o the day in dals and say he may have had a premonition about his ath. head an elegant fatalism. he knew it was goingo hapn that day. on the flight downo dalla h told jackie , you kn, if somebody wan to shterom a wind, the's no w i can stop h so why worry about it.

>> it's a fascinating book. thbook is called the few precio days, the final year of jacknd jackie . let's head over