TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

GOP complaint: NBC, CNN ‘promoting’ Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has not thrown her hat into the ring for a 2016 White House run, but some Republicans are saying the former secretary of state is already getting a boost from two major networks, CNN and NBC, which are planning a documentary and a miniseries, respectively, on Clinton. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> the head of theepublican natial cmittee is accusing nbc and cn of proting a ssible predential candicy by hilary clinton . peterlex alexander has re.

>> will she or won't she? hilary clinton hasn't tped her hand for 2016 but some repuicans say she is already ge a boost from two major netwks, c and n.

>> hey' promoting hilar clinton and they'll spend millions of dollaoing the national committee chairman is upset with nbc for a four hour miniries to be produced by it's entertainment vision. ane la booked to pla clinton and cnn for a documentary on clion to air next year. on monday he fired off letters calling therogr ahinly veil add tempt at putting a thumb on t sles of the presidenal election. failing to block tm from hostinrepublican primary debas in 2016 if the planned productns aren't cancelled by next weesday.

>> we ha aesponsibility thear t make thchoiceas toho our debate parers are.

>> clinton 'sam isn't onoard ther. thern and hrc can't engr that the sun re thisorning so doing so here shoul really given and c pause before movingforward on these ill conceived projec. nbcnterinment d not issue a response but they sd the miniseries istill early in delopment. nbc news whi cld host a gop deba said it's completely independent of nbc enterinnt d has no iolvement in ts prect. cnn urged the c to resve judgment insisng that the rnc limiting debate participaon is theltimate sserviceo voters. analys say t 2016 dates are up to the candides.

>> they will accept the debate invitations they want toaccept.

>> meaning the date over the debates is far from finished for today, pet alexander nbc ws, washington