TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Squatters inhabit homes while owners vacation

While millions of families are taking summer vacations, their empty homes are vulnerable to burglars. But in some cases, people breaking in aren’t taking anything – they’re simply making themselves at home. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> told you ithe past tha the summer vacationeason is primime for home buraries but in som cases the peopl eaking in aren't taking anythi, theye simply making themselv at home. nbcs in barrington, rde island to exain this. good morning

>> good morning. creepy ta about brazen. the people that broke into this housdidn't pull t flat panel televisions off theallr take jewelry sitng right there on the dresser. noing was physically stolen, but what they did, the fily that live here says was even worse .

>> reporter: tracy knew something was wrg the minute she walked into her house after a week' vacation.

>> i had stacks of dishes i my sink. fruit flies , house flies . the mos disgusting thing i've ev -- it was disgusting.

>> their home w a wreck as if someone had lived there while they were away. fact, someone had. police cal themacation squatters. th finan empty hoe,ove in andake vacation of their own.

>> it's a terribly violating feelg that sebod is in your home using your things. as the time went on i'mike did sobody- did the use m tooth brus did they sle o m bed.

>> hey found dirty undwear on th couch and pes of towels by the pool. the food in e bdge was eaten and alcoh was gone. they evenaked cookies.

>> they used a o my food.

>> they even too the garbage out at one point.

>> it's a little like the tom cruise classic "risky busiss" pect ty weren't home throwing a party. some police deptments like taa start vacation watch programs.

>> it gives the citizenshat kind of comfo of knowing that the police a doi a littl bit extra watching their house.

>> as for the woards, they wanted theirs to be a fun and open me. just not thi op.

>> wh's the nex cation?

>> no telling.

>> they're going tee the plans secretive for now. police say they hav plenty of evidence. there were fingerprints literallall over the house and as for the woar, they always wanted their house to be the fun one whe people would want to come. they just expectedo benvit to the pay.

>> peopl they know, net.

>> yeah.

>> can you imagine that?

>> no.

>> i really cat.

>> youould literally have everything burned in yourhome.

>> i mov to another state. that would be it