TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Rossen Reports: Couple’s belongings held hostage

When you’re hiring a moving company, you trust them with all your possessions. But authorities say a small percentage of rogue companies are taking advantage by taking your money and holding your belongings hostage. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports on one couple’s moving nightmare.

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>>> reports, the summer months are peek moving season d some rogue companies areooking to take advantage of it. jeff rossen is on the ca. good morning to you.

>> we are her t he. a lot of us move. 35illimericans a year and when you hire a moving company you trust themith everything but authories say complaints ainst movers are o tze. some companies taking your money, the taking your belongings hostage. i got an e-mailrom a couple sayingt just hpeneto them. could we find their stuff? could we get it retued? th hunt took u allver the country.

>> we're just ing a story about your cpany and want to k you questis.

>> do itrom outside.

>> why don't these mers want talk to us.

>> wjust want ask you a couple of questis. this cpletely empty house could be wh we norllyo inrviews tting on chairs. th is a new on

>> we don't have chairs.

>> ashley and her fiancee call it a nighare, livin in this threeedroom house wit zero furniture. there's nothing inhere.

>> zero bengings.

>> completel empty.

>> their movg company was holding everything they own hostage.

>> this is the living room . this is the air matesse sleep on.

>> in the living room .

>> in th living room yes. they fired fir call mers toring their stuffrom florida to here in corado. he's the coract. just or $700 and everythg woulbe divered within 14 to 21 business days . t two mthent by and still thing.

>> hey, thiis ashley kenner

>> ashley called theompany every day.

>> it wentro yr stuff will be there in about 15 ys, 10 days, 8 days , to your stuff is stilin our warehse i florida .

>> you're getng the run ound.

>> y,or the past two months.

>> ow first call movs is under investigati by the federa governnt. ann runs the agency regulating interstate movers.

>> i have t companies record he. dozens of complaint for charges, pick up and delivery oblems and holding ople items hostage. how troubling is that.

>> it's the nature o tha complaint that puts them o on e list to investigate.

>> they launched a new national fraud task forceo crack down on rogue movers.

>> what is your message?

>> get out of the biness or we'll shut you down.

>> we track fst cl movers here to this officearkn fort lauderdale , florida . th declined our ruest for an on camera interview bute wantedo come b in pern t give tm a second chance to answ the question, where is this couple's stuff.

>> d the names ashley and michael nner ring a bell? you haveeen hding tir stuff hosta for two months. we jt want to ask you about this couple a why you have been holding their stuff hostage r me than two months.

>> he company told ushere been no runarod with mik and ashley . that for two months they didn't know wre to deliver their stf becae onhenitial estimate it's lted as goi to storage colorado.

>> just to be clear, do you wan ur stuff in storage?

>> we never wted it in storage.

>> y told them multiple times where you live and wre to bring it?

>> yes.

>> after our interview ashley and mike fil federal complaint against firstcall.

>> they don wanto talk to us.

>> but the day after our visit, od news, ashley a mi's moving vaninally arrived after two months in limb there n getting all o their stuback. from the furniture down to the dish.

>> no more pap ates.

>> theompany is als giving them a full refund

>> we would like to thank the "today" show because without your help thi wouldn't have happened today.

>> e can have cmpagne now.

>>> yeah, drinkup. we le a happy ending. how do you protectourself from becoming a victim? here the takeaway. always get an eimat in person at your house. n't do it over the phone that wathey can't jack up the bl lar clming you have extra stuff they didn't know about. always ask who is doing mmove. sometimes they hire subconactors to dohe actl work and beforeou hire anyone research their complaints hiory online. links right on our websi rig now. click on t rossen reports section. we have a link on how toile the complaint against toving coany.

>> iall else fls cl jeff rossen .

>> 'll be on your windo ii have to.