TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

‘Rip Van Roker’: Al oversleeps, misses show

For the first time in nearly 40 years, Al Roker overslept, missing “Wake Up with Al” on the Weather Channel. Matt and Savannah use the opportunity to poke fun at the usually-prompt anchor, dubbing him “Rip Van Roker.”

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>> there's breaking news this morning.

>> tt's ght.

>> it's that al roker for the firstime in 39 years erslep yeah, did.

>> tell us abo it.

>> we, you kn, alarm clock, my phoneidn't go off and somedy said what's your back up? i said for 39ears i didn't ed one. you missed wake upith al this morning.

>> we cnged the name to al, wake up.

>> i tweetedut this morning - there it is.

>> time to do the weatr.

>> i tweeted out rip van roker . and a lot of people thought it was r.i.p. a roker . that's not what it says. if you read carefully tt'sot what it says.

>> deep sleep, that's all.

>> rip van roker .

>> yeah.

>> oh, al.

>> allrigh al.