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TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Mike Lupica: A-Rod statement ‘disingenuous at best’

Author and New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica comments on the suspension of Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, noting A-Rod had a “perfect chance” to deny the allegations, which he didn’t take.

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>> reporter: now in all, 13 players re suspend by major league baseball yesterday including alex rodruez, hower, he is the only one pealghe suspension.

>> ron, thank you vy much. mike is an author and columst for e new york daily news. good morning to you.

>> good moing ma.

>> weot is susnsione thght we going to see, 211ames but he get to play while he applshe prossnd as my kid would say thatakes it awkward. he answered questns lt ght. how do you think he di

>> ma, the most amazinghing that he sai last night about majoleague basebal was he di't understand the motivation behind this. yeah, he does. th motivation is to have a clean sport and f people not toet the idea thathey're running a spoike t tour de france . so that was disinguous a best.

>> he was asked directly, mi, did you use performance enhancindrugs as pt of the biogenesis scanda the wernl two answers, no and yes a i'm dply sorry. that's not what we heard from a-rod.

>> i would like to knowow many times he ud th wd process st nightnd head a pfect chance to say i'm a innoct man, they fabrited the case against butis problem with saying this fabricated this case is how come a dozen guys took the penalty and basically said baseball is telling the truth about usut they're only lying about alex rodriguez . it's kindf preposterous veion of things.

>> this is revealin is is part of the statement from his attorney did cornwell, it says, it is grettable th t commissioner's office has taken this unprecedented tion. major ag basall hasone well beyonthe authity grantedo it's joint drug agement and the basic agement. coequently, we will appeal the discipline and pursue all leg rediesvailable to alex . evenhe lawrs not saying we sagree with the charges, w dispute th allegations. the lawyer i saying we digr wi theength of the suspensi.

>> yeah, matt, it'sike alex and his lawrs - andorell parently itheawyerf the moment bau he's got enoh to field aoftbl team whate's saying is we're guilty but wre n nearly asuilty asasebal says we ar andinally when he returns, talkinabou alex rodriguez , to yaeetadium ler ts week for a he stand, whatreacti are yo pecting?

>> ihink he's going to get booed,matt. peop are tired of this. and,ou ow, i'dike think 's not some idea out of the pa that fans have a rig t exct the game they' wching to be on the level.

>> mike on the story now for us. mike, thank y