TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Gunman kills 3 in Penn. municipal building

A gunman opened fire in a monthly municipal meeting in Ross Township, Penn., last night, killing three people and injuring three. The alleged shooter, Rockne Newell, 59, had a long-term dispute with town officials. WCAU’s Matt DeLucia reports.

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>> we're hearing witnessccounts ofhe chaic scene that unfolded inside that building north ofphiladelphia. the aeged shooter is n in custod we want to get to mt from o sister ation. he has t latest. good morningo you.

>> gd morning, vannah. police say the alleged shter, had a long-term diste with townfficials aboutis property.

>> reporter: authoties say the shoong happened shortlyefore

7: p.mmonday during monthly municipal meeting at ross township . a rural communi in pennsylvania the alled gunman who hel a lo timgrudge against officials lked into the ilding and opened fire. 15 to8 resents and town officials were a themeeting.

>> he beg to fire the gun into the townshipbuilding, throu the windows of the building. he continued to advance on t building firing as he walked forward.

>> he then left the building and went to h c to get a handgun and returned to shoot more.

>> e then reproached the building and entered the building again fing the weapon and was tackled and brought to the groundy two individuals si the townsp building. he was restrained until the troopers took him into custody.

>> rorter: o of the rerterwas at t bldin writg i hrd more than 10 shots. was automatic. i cwled outo aallway and en g outside. the's nothing in reali you can compare it to. it was just not areality. l i could think was i wast happening to me he reportedly had a longunning dispute with township officials over the condition of his property.

>> i noteall sure if he was -- if he personally knew the individuals o had bn killed tonight. all i kno is he had an onoing dispute with the township over his prerty.

>> reporter: and the latest informatioweave for you, three peopl dead and