TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

Retailers offer Saturday savings for back-to-school

Amy Astley from Teen Vogue discusses a nationwide program called “Back to School Saturday” where a variety of stores are offering deep discounts on clothes that will help give your kids a trendy look to start the new school year.

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>>> start of a new school year is just weeks away. parents are getting ready to do some back-to- school shopping with their kids. but all those new clothes can cost a fortune.

>> " teen vogue " is celebrating its second annual back-to- school saturday. it's when major stores across the country offer the huge discounts on all the hottest trends. here with sus is teen vogue 's editor in chief.

>> tell us what stores are offering these.

>> all the stores you love in every mall. aeropostale, top shop , american eagle , h & m , macy 's. great stores. huge savings. 15% off, 30% off.

>> just for this day?

>> just for that saturday.

>> it's going to be a mob scene at all those stores.

>> they are getting back-to- school clothes this saturday.

>> if we have lucy . lucy has an all-white look.

>> this is a great look. white is not just for summer anymore. get these great jeans and a lot of wear out of them, spring, summer and into the fall. pair them with a little sweatshirt. this is an express sweatshirt which this weekend goes from $50 to $34.90. h & m jeans. they are offering 15% off. and her aeropostale little wedge sneaker gives her a little wedge but is appropriate for school . lucy told me she wants them.

>> they are comfortable.

>> let's bring out haley. she has a cute skirt going.

>> a little skater skirt. it's a fit and flare. it looks good on all body types and is body appropriate.

>> don't roll that up.

>> that is teen vogue for m style at macy 's. the macy 's discount is 20% off. goes from $40 to $32. we paired it with keds and a pac sun sweater which went from $33 to $17.95. can't beat it.

>> very cute.

>> let's bring out victoria .

>> victoria has the necessary motorcycle jacket. every kid loves it. victoria herself told me she loves this piece. it's collection b. normally $68. it can be yours for $54 on saturday. victoria wants it. she is wearing an h & m tank. h & m is 15% off. pac sun leggings. $19.50 to $4.50.

>> nice.

>> everyone likes this.

>> the way it's styled on her, it's very cute.

>> thank you, hon.

>> let's bring out michael . michael is coming out with a grunge trend.

>> it's back. it's so cute.

>> you have seen bieber wearing this.

>> michael is school appropriate. and michael told me also he'd love to have these pants. and he should have them because they are going to go from $60 to only $48 this weekend.

>> i love that shirt on him.

>> yeah, he's wearing a shirt that's h & m . h & m , it's a great discount, 15% off.

>> thanks, michael .

>> and now dante.

>> oh, yeah.

>> dante normally has to wear a uniform in school so he's rocking it today in his camo. camo not in green. you don't want to look like a soldier.

>> that's cute.

>> i thought those were fish. it's just my eyes. camo.

>> camo. take notice of the vans. they go from $55 to $35.

>> all right. big round of applause.

>>> coming up tomorrow, susan lucci is going to be with us.

>>> and how to deal with separation anxiety with your dog.

>> every time