TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

‘Royal Pains’ star: Show’s success is ‘dream come true’

Mark Feuerstein, who stars as Dr. Hank Lawson on the USA show “Royal Pains,” tells Kathie Lee and Hoda he never thought the show would make to its fifth season. He also reveals how he handles raising three kids while working across the country from them.

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>>> hoda says i'm supposed to read this. we're back on this monday fun day with more of "today" it's certainly a fun day when actor mark foyerstein is here.

>> he's back. playing hank lawson. he's always giving his patients one on one attention, if you know what we're talking about.

>> stop it!

>> one on one. i just joined hoda when we first had you on the show because it was the dawn of the new series.

>> you helped launch us.

>> the very beginning.

>> did you even fathom then you'd have such a hit on your hands?

>> oh, no. i could never imagine i'd be in my fifth season with expectation to have a sixth season.

>> you guys really hit the jackpot on an episode that you, mark, directed.

>> yes.

>> that had to feel pretty good.

>> it felt great.

>> well, last week, wednesday night's episode, which i was very proud to have been able to direct that episode, we had our highest ratings of the season. i was very proud of myself and taking credit. then i remembered last year when the episode i directed, the ratings weren't the highest of the season. everyone said, no, you blame the week before because the week before determines whether people come back. but i'm taking full credit.

>> good for you.

>> tell us about your role for this for people who aren't aware of this. you play a doctor in the hamptons .

>> my character, dr. hank lawson, was an emergency physician in brooklyn and when he decided to treat both the poor kid and the rich patron of the hospital at the same time against the wishes of the hospital. he got fired and his brother brought him out to the hamptons where they've set up shop with hank med and we have my brother. and to watch the characters evolve over five years. the writers do such a brilliant job. my brother's character is married and dealing with his first year of marriage.

>> what about your character?

>> my character?

>> i was like jason bourn at the beginning of the season and went to budapest running through the streets of budapest. this season i've been dealing with a little chemical dependency issue, which we're going to resolve in the upcoming episodes.

>> imagine that. a doctor with one of those.

>> just a little. he's still very responsible.

>> do you shoot any of this in the hamptons or in l.a.?

>> once in a while we get to go out to the promised land , as i call it the hamptons . but other times we shoot more in the middle of long island. but beautiful homes and always great people. italian families, jewish families. they always welcome us.

>> and your family still lives in l.a. so on weekends you are still doing the commute thing?

>> yes. i fly back like every weekend.

>> look at that group. i love that.

>> my wife and three kids. they are all coming on friday, and i will be -- my wife is running a tv show called "friends with better lives" which will be on cbs this coming season. she's sending all the kids to me and i'll be mr. mom for the next two weeks.

>> so you won't have to get on a plane.

>> i'll just be running around the city with them.

>> do your kids want to get in the showbiz?

>> i don't know if any of them is necessarily going to be in show business but they are all quite active. lylea just did three different roles in "annie" in her summer camp . so who knows. that's lylea right there. and frisco is a ham. and addy is just 4 years old, running around like crazy.

>> we're really happy for you.

>> i like it when nice people as opposed to some others that will be nameless.

>> thank you.

>> you have one of the greatest smiles.

>> oh, thank you. well, you guys make me smile because it's always --

>> there he is. "royal pains" airs wednesday nights at 9:00, 8:00 central on our sister