TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

Fourth Hour fan schedules meetings around KLG, Hoda

Kathie Lee and Hoda surprise fan Jenna Elkins from Florida with a resort trip to Colorado for her dedication to the Fourth Hour. Jenna enjoys tuning in so much that she keeps her work schedule clear during the show.

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>>> it's monday. you know what that means.

>> we get to announce our fan of the week.

>> who is it this week, hoda?

>> we'll spin the globe and find out. drum roll , please. our winner is jenna elkins from jacksonville, florida.

>> stop it.

>> she watches it on wlv on channel 12 . are you with us? hey.

>> hi. i'm here.

>> oh, my god. are you excited?

>> you don't sound excited.

>> i am very excited. thank you guys so much.

>> i don't believe you, jenna .

>> i don't either.

>> would you like to hear why you love us so much?

>> yes, please.

>> all right. this is why you love us so much. and if the prompter will roll, i'll tell you. you try to avoid taking conference calls while the show is on. so you can watch the full hour without being interrupted by rude people.

>> ourunderscore this part here. her favorite part is when hoda plays a song from her ihoda play list .

>> she feels like we're her good friends and she gets to drink coffee with us every day. check out the glasses she made. jenna and her hubby even took a trip to new york to see the "today" show before he left on deployment to japan. are you excited to hear where you're going?

>> i am.

>> she doesn't give a rip. nongets at all.

>> you and a guest are headed to the beautiful gateway canyons resort in colorado. it is gorgeous. where you'll enjoy a three-night, four-day stay. you'll also receive a $500 adventure report credit for activities like whitewater rafting , rock climbing and horseback riding plus a dining credit for the paradox grill and restaurant.

>> now are you excited?

>> it's furnished by the some