TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

Will Leah Remini write a book about Scientology?

Brian Balthazar from fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on the latest celeb news: Simon Cowell reportedly expecting a baby with his friend’s wife, Leah Remini offered millions for a Scientology book, and Russell Brand joking about his sex life with Katy Perry.

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>>> today we are back with "today's buzz." we're filling you in on all the juicy celebrity gossip you may have missed over the weekend.

>> from new details and simon cowell 's baby drama to the biggest box office hits, brian balthazar.

>> i am liking the beard a lot. i'm into it.

>> real mountain men.

>> looks like the alec baldwin commercial where he goes, men grow beards like cave men.

>> that's the first thing she said.

>> talk about simon cowell .

>> he has a little bit of a baby drama. maury povich style. he's apparently reportedly the daddy to a married woman 's baby.

>> he has not confirmed it yet. he put the thumbs up, so he must have confirmed it. there are some things he'll clear up when the time is right but he's trying to be sensitive because there are feelings --

>> like a current husband that is not his.

>> if that baby is born with a little v-neck shirt and british accent , we know it's his.

>> the pr war has begun. andrew silverman, the current s husband, and lauren silverman, the woman in question, are launching these -- they're not saying things publicly. she's apparently saying he knew all along this was happy.

>> and then, of course, andrew is saying, of course not. he's trying to get sole custody of the child.

>> who is trying to get sole custody ?

>> andrew is trying to get sole custody of their 7-year-old.

>> i read in the paper today, it's alleged, she said he knew about it all along and she thought she couldn't get pregnant. how about us knowing all that information.

>> i can't get pregnant, you know --

>> neither can i.

>> neither can you. but --

>> this is --

>> it ain't over until it's over.

>> weird, weird, weird.

>> move on. we're done with that. leah remini .

>> left scientology.

>> and that is a big deal . now she's said she's going to write her story, her memoir. and now it's being reported she's going to get big bucks , like in the millions for it. not only is it a celebrity story. scientology is very secretive, they are saying. tina fey got $6 million for her autobiography, which was very funny, but she is going to probably fetch upwards of that.

>> she has to drop a lot of secrets for that kind of money.

>> there's a big risk because there's a process in scientology called auditing where they confess everything.

>> and they have everything on her.

>> right. and there are maybe some concerns they'll say everything you've ever thought and confessed. it could be an issue.

>> this is her opportunity.

>> that would also make people lose any credibility in scheentolo scientology.

>> when katie holmes left, she came out smelling like a rose.

>> katie holmes wasn't a lifetime scientologist.

>> it's weird how they shut down. all the people turn off from you. i did a whole "dateline" on scientology. when you hear about the e-meters and what they have to go through and once you are out, you are completely out.

>> several celebrity friends are being told, she's done. cut contact with her.

>> how about russell brand making fun of katy perry .

>> this is not nice.

>> as you know, russell brand and katy perry were recently divorced. he was performing in london recently. he said a couple things. he said after he divorced her, he considered becoming a monk because monks can't have sex with anyone. marrying someone you have sex with someone. not too bad. and then he said when he was having the relations with her he'd say, think of anyone, anyone else . and that's his idea of being funny.

>> we liked him when he was on.

>> he has a great charm to him but that's always also --

>> hugh jackman wouldn't do that.

>> maybe in the context of a comedy stage, people were drinking. everything seems a little more suitable to say.

>> it's a big world .

>> internet, baby.

>> what have i told you. brian, thank you. go get it shaved, buddy.