TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

Hot Google searches: Obama’s birthday, Shark Week

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg reveals what people were searching for over the weekend, including President Obama, who celebrated his 52nd birthday, and Discovery Channel’s 26th annual Shark Week.

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>>> whether you're checking the powerball numbers of the hottest slebtd news a lot of you were scrambling to your computers this weekend.

>> here to break down the serges is daniel. good morning to you.

>> good morning to you both.

>> these are searches that saw big spikes in the traffic over the weekend.

>> we call them trending searches.

>> first one being megan fox and she is obviously searched for for a lot of different reasons. why is she trending now.

>> most recently? she is married to brian austin green . they have a son already. 10 month old noah and she was spotted at jfk at the airport recently, what looks to be a baby bump and she is pregnant with their second child. a lot of searches around that. she is generating buzz.

>> so covering the baby bump.

>> irish twins. 10 months later. our next one is raven symone who grew up before our eyes and her girlfriend.

>> yeah, she was on she's so raven. she posted something online that said and i'll read this, i can finally get married, yea, dpovrnmedpovr government. this caused people to say is she saying she is a lesbian. her reps denied she is getting married.

>> sexual orientation?

>> she is really private and they're sort of down playing it a little bit.

>> next one, barrack obama and this is because the president is celebrating something special.

>> yesterday, happy birthday to the president. 52 years young. he went to camp david and spent time there. he went golfing with friends from his chicago days. michelle obama posted something online as well. there's a picture from a few years ago, let's say and she mentioned he maybe has a few more grey hairs than he used to.

>> that's a cute photo.

>> they look good. they don't look that far from that today.

>> that's true.

>>> no mystery to the next one. people are searching powerball results.

>> have you bought a ticket yet?

>> after the show.

>> $400 million is the estimated jackpot for wednesday. that doesn't break the record of 5 $590 million but it's the 4th largest in history. people are thinking what can i do with the money. even the odds of winning are tiny. they're 175.2 million to one and it doesn't matter how many people buy tickets but that doesn't stop people from thinking about what could happen.

>> and now wednesday one.

>> yeah.

>> we'll buy our ticket before then and shark week is upon this. we love this week.

>> yeah, a scary creature that lived million of years ago is believed to be extingt. we have seen searches around shark week up 47% in the past week. people are fascinated. it's scared but curious. we've seen this going back to jaws when it came out in the summer of 1975 and this discovery week special generates a lot of buzz online.

>> 26th shark week.

>> megladon, 70 feet was the size of it back in it's day.

>> one of the anthropologist was saying a lot of people think the t-rex was the baddest beast on the planet of all time, not even close.

>> megladon.

>> yeah, it's going to happen.

>> i like it.