TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

Hot shoe trends: Loafers, booties, and more

From men’s-inspired loafers to pointy-toed pumps and lace-up booties, the hottest women’s shoe trends of the moment are bold and sophisticated. Eva Chen of Lucky magazine shows the best way to sport some of the summer favorites into fall.

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>> about shoes that make a statement. whether you like bold booties or embellished sandals. many of these hot footwear trends can take you into fall.

>> man, do i love a bold bootie. great to see you.

>> great to see you.

>> you have put me in my comfort zone .

>> surrounded by shoes.

>> you been waiting for this all morning.

>> what's the key to making the transition from summer to fall.

>> basically you're looking for shoes that can do double duty. all shoes we pulled today you can transition easily. you can add tights and look for shoes that have multipurposes.

>> i've seen lots of bold colors. any colors we should look for as we go into fall?

>> the snakeskin look is popular and colors like blush and pastels for fall are everywhere.

>> interesting. good to note. let's bring out our first model cassidy. this is the trend we're seeing everywhere. the lace up booties.

>> you just like saying bootie.

>> this is one of the trends we're seeing on the red carpet and celebrities everywhere. it's a sexy look so we like to temper it with a boyfriend jean so it's more casual and a cute sweatshirt which is one of the hottest trends of the season.

>> do you do it with a tight.

>> you can do it with the tight. the rule of not wearing tight with open toed shoes, that rule is gone. if you pair it with a shift dress instantly it's ready for date night.

>> cassidy looking good. let's bring out megan . this is a men's inspired look.

>> cute.

>> now flats do not have to be boring. they can be statement shoes on their own. megan who is lucky's associate beauty director is wearing them but we paired it with a miniand jean jacket. the perfect weekend look.

>> do you go formal with that and dress it up more?

>> definitely because it has a metallic element to it, it has a little pop.

>> thank you, megan .

>> next, we have meredith and she is wearing an embellished sandal.

>> is this something you can wear in the fall months.

>> you can wear it through september. i'm going through wedding season right now. every weekend there's a different wedding and how often have you been at a wedding in heels and at the end of the night you can't stand them. so my point on this is that flats can be comfortable but also super sheik. we paired it with a great shift dress and if you add more jewelry it becomes a kind of major statement.

>> look at the jewelry too.

>> i like that.

>> bold.

>> layering it on. cool meredith. thank you so much. let's bring out francis wearing the pointed toe pump.

>> pointed toe is everywhere. if i had to save one shoe to buy for fall it would be the pointed toe pump. she told me earlier that they're comfortable. she has been wearing them all morning. they're a return back to lady-like glamour. we like it with a black skinny pant which makes it appropriate for work and at night you can wear it with a cocktail dress and you're all set.

>> is the double platform thing in?

>> we're going back to no platforms. a cleaner silhouette and my point of view on these kind of shoes, if you're ever deciding, i can't decide what size i am, size up and put insoles in.

>> kwyeah, your toes are jammed in there.

>> no jammed toes.

>> next, is kate wearing an open toed bootie.

>> i call this city urban and it is a shoe that will transition you from summer into fall and winter. you can get three seasons of wear out of this. match a pair of tights and find them. you can find them at every price point. every designer is make these boots right now.

>> all of these shoes at great price points as well.

>> yeah.

>> job well done.

>> thank you so much.