TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

Maroon 5, ‘Elysium’ will heat up end of summer

Now that August is here, new entertainment marking the end of the summer is flooding in. Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly shares the events you’ll want to note on your calendar, from Maroon 5’s new tour to the premiere of Matt Damon’s film “Elysium.”

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>>> back now with our series must mark your calendar. if you're looking to pack in last minute fun as the summer winds down, we have all the entertainment you don't want to miss.

>> here with the dates we should circle, jessica shaw. thank you. good to see you.

>> morning, you too.

>> let's start with the one underway. maroon 5 and kelly clarkson on tour.

>> yes, the reality show gods came together and put this together. kelly clarkson who won the first american idol ever and adam levine who is one of the judges on the voice. it's amazing. these two have been around for more than a decade and are still popular. his single love somebody did amazingly after the band performed it on the voice and she, her song stronger went multiplatinum. they're doing fine.

>> i wonder who opens for whom on that tour?

>> it's tricky. it almost seems like maroon 5 is the bigger act and with kelly clarkson .

>> maybe they share it.

>> they're sharing. all stars share.

>> this friday a movie a lot of people are excited about. starring matt damon , jodi foster . great cast.

>> this is a movie about healthcare, immigration and class warfare packaged as a futuristic sci-fi action movie . matt damon play ace guy on earth year 2054ment it's where the have not lists. it's a dump. they shot it at a land fill and he is sick and has to get to a space station run by jodi foster . so it's about him getting there. it's great.

>> really cool concept. any time you can make it about healthcare reform .

>> it reminds me of wall.

>> all right. sunday night, august 11th , breaking bad, final season.

>> yeah, the final 8 episodes. this is a beloved show about walter white , a high school chemistry teacher who turned into a international drug lord and everyone is pretty much watching right now to see how are they going to end the series? it won so many emmys. people still talk about endings like the sopranos and did it do right by the show. the creator said he cried when he wrote the final scene. read into that what you will.

>> looking forward to it. selena gomez kicked off her tour. she is headlining now. her own tour.

>> yes, she is a former disney channel star. she is kind of in the news now of is he dating justin bieber? is she not? but she is an adult now because she is 20. her song if you want it come and get it.

>> sure.

>> spoiler, she is not singing about cookies and milk.

>> she's grown up a lot. yeah we see pictures of her. she looks very different.

>> that's true.

>> moving toward the end of the month, the vmas in brooklyn.

>> they'll be at barclays in brooklyn for the first time. mtv still has the vmas. but justin timberlake , and lady gaga is going to be performing.

>> can't miss the one d movie coming soon.

>> directed by morgan spurlock .

>> he did that movie?

>> he did.

>> you're going to go see it.