TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

7 double-duty kitchen time savers

Chris Kimball, host of “America’s Test Kitchen,” shares some creative uses for kitchen tools that will cut your prep and cooking time to a minimum, including using a potato ricer as a citrus juicer.

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>>> we are back at 8:50 with today's double duty. this morning, creative uses for kitchen tools to help you save time and money. he is the editor of cook's illustrated. good morning.

>> how are you?

>> a list of unconventional items for use of things you wouldn't associate with them.

>> i'm here with unconventional tips. we publish these every two months. people send in tips. some are stupid and some are great. these are the great ones. some of our favorites.

>> the first one is a quick thaw.

>> these are small cuts and we suggested put them on an aluminum pan. takes about an hour to warm up because it conducts heat so well. we have a new method which is take chicken or steak or pork chop . put it in a ziploc bag and just submerge it and the chicken will be thawed in about 8 minutes and a steak will take about 12 minutes. if there's any bacteria in the food it's not going to have time to multiple.

>> and hot from the tap is hot enough?

>> hot from the tap.

>> if you want to pound out your chicken you do whatever.

>> whatever people do wax paper and put it over the chicken and cutting board but it gets all wrapped up so we use these flexible cutting boards which are very inexpensive. and i like to use a skillet or sauce pan. it works better.

>> it has more space.

>> are you stepping back?

>> that seems like it might be fun.

>> like whack a mole.

>> i could do that all day.

>> and then it's nice and even and doesn't crunch up.

>> that's a great idea. what's next?

>> this is one of my all time favorites. this is a drill bit . if you have to use a lot of pepper for something, you just take the top off, which i did, there's the little metal piece. you insert that with the drill and do that.

>> it's a power drill .

>> do it right on something or a whole bunch for a steak rub or barbecue rub.

>> it would work for salt too.

>> it would.

>> you get a lot out. if you really need a lot of pepper or salt.

>> and also because old guys buy this stuff and don't know what to do with it. finally you have a use for this sitting in your closet.

>> what about this one?

>> this is great. you want to take a knife with you. you're going away from the weekend and you're going to cook or something. take a paper towel holder and put the knife in and it holds it in nice and safe. it's safe. if you don't have a professional knife holder it works great.

>> would you put it in your suitcase or something.

>> yeah.

>> you have to check that bag.

>> potato ricer . i didn't know what that was which won't shock you.

>> this is a potato ricer . it's fairly inexpensive. it's plastic oddly enough. if you want to juice limes or lemons, put them in like that and just juice them.

>> that's nice.

>> it works well.

>> do you have to be strong?

>> it's good.

>> hi chris.

>> you guys are here just in time.

>> do you have a potato ricer at home?

>> i do not.

>> but not everybody has a potato ricer .

>> if you have one you can use it for this.

>> it's better than lemons in the lemon things.

>> or have someone else do it for you.

>> what's the next one?

>> what's next. this is odd. if you have a hot soup or cold soup you can use an ice bucket and serve it right out of the bucket.

>> oh. so it keeps the temperature --

>> well, it works for hot.

>> i'll never use the ice bucket for ice again.

>> now my brother actually does this. if you want to grill there's an alternate use.

>> you take a little headlight thing and put them on and put the light on like that. there we are and when your head moves and looks -- that looks great.

>> it looks cool too.

>> there you go. it works great.

>> you never want to use one of these in the house though. remind people of that.

>> good point.

>> thank you so much. we're back with much more of today but first a check