TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

Humor columnist: I feel better past 60 than at 20

Rosalind Warren, whose New York Times column “At Ease With a Body Fighting Gravity” has struck a chord with many women, talks about the confidence she has at age 60, saying older women “have gotten to the point where we feel terrific about who we are.”

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>>> and we are surrounded by a group of beautiful 60-plus women from our crowd along with a 60-year-old humor columnist for the new york sometimes and huffington post and the author of a column at ease with the body, fighting gravity. it's good to see you.

>> this article really caught our eye. it wasn't just us. what you say is i'm 60 and i feel great about how i look. what does it say about us that that was such an eyebrow raising statement?

>> i don't know. i think the interesting thing is that it turns out there are a lot of people that feel just like i do. there's a lot of women either in their 60s or older who have gotten to the point where we feel terrific about who we are.

>> you write in this piece that you feel better now about yourself than you did when you were 20 years old and you did have that hot bod.

>> i would tryon bathing suits and looked in the mirror and said if the person i was at 16 could see what i look like now she would say shoot me now. and yet i felt more comfortable in my skin than i ever had in my life.

>> how did you get to this place? every woman i know over 50 or 60 or 40 or 30 feels that way about herself but it's actually all too rare.

>> you have this to look forward to. when you're 60, maybe you'll see, it comes with the territory. i think by the time you have gotten to be a certain age you have a certain perspective on where looks fit into everything and if everything works and you're confer comfortable and strong and healthy that's beautiful, if your life is work that's beautiful. you're less inclined to see your flaws.

>> you're not comparing yourself to these unrealistic goals. when you're 20 you think you're supposed to look like a swim suit model. when we get older we realize it ain't that bad.

>> they look gorgeous for a living and that's terrific but even those folks are photo shopped a little bit.

>> is there also something of a stigma for women to say i feel good about myself as though there's something about being confident that almost impolite?

>> that's an excellent question. i hope that isn't the case. i think we tend to internalize this idea that we're all supposed to be perfect and perfectly beautiful at all times and as you get older you start to say to yourself, that's not necessary. if i look good to myself then i'm confident and happy.

>> you're somebody who is in the pool all the time. you wear your swim suit every day and you tell a great story about how you went swimsuit shopping with your sweetie.

>> i did. i didn't intend to. i found bathing suits and i was going to try them on and there was no place for him to sit so i said can he come into the dressing room with me and they said why not. so i talked to him on the bench and i was trying on -- i was just trying to put on a bathing suit but he was having the time of his life.

>> guys don't judge us as harshly as we judge ourselves.

>> exactly.

>> they're just happy you have no clothes on.

>> exactly. exactly.

>> well, it's a very thought provoking piece. love it. ladies, you look great. thank you for being here. we're back