TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

60 plus and fabulous: Feeling beautiful at any age

A few confident women over 60 share their perspectives on what it takes to be truly beautiful and feel at ease with aging.

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>> i am beautiful.

>> i am beautiful.

>> i am beautiful.

>> when i was 20, i thought it wasn't pretty enough. i wasn't smart enough.

>> i used to think that beauty was about the booty.

>> i always wanted to be more beautiful, tall.

>> perfection is boring. you find the things about yourself that you love and you make the most of them and celebrate that.

>> my legs. because they take me on adventures and journeys that i never ever thought i would go on.

>> six weeks ago i got me a brand new hip and it's the best thing i ever did.

>> if i walk down the street i try to smile at everyone and believe it or not they smile back.

>> when i laugh, it's pretty loud and it comes from way down deep.

>> my love is my beauty. my mom is the sweetest, kindest person in my life.

>> i feel beautiful when i look into my daughter's eyes. when i look into my son's eyes and i see reflected back their love for me.

>> now i just kind of jump in.

>> i fail sometimes and sometimes i don't.

>> i own my failures. i look for the lessons, dust myself off and go at it again.

>> what i've been through makes me strong and will always make me stronger.

>> i had to face the loss of my husband and i had to face the loss of my children's father and i'm beautiful because i chose to keep going and keep living.

>> beauty is to have a young spirit. i always invisioned that some day i would be a dancer. now i'm 60 and teaching zumba.

>> i was 58 when i completed my first marathon. i can not be sore the next day.

>> i'm 88 and i can still get on a dance floor .

>> why not at 57? age is only a number.

>> this is my time.

>> i just enjoy being in this world. it shows on my face that i'm happy.

>> i'm totally cool with this chick. like, she's cool, yeah.

>> i feel more in touch with what's truly important to me than i ever did