TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

0000: Many people use worst PIN numbers

A new study ranks the top worst PIN numbers to have protecting your bank account, and reveals that 11 percent of people choose the numbers they find easiest to remember.

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>> trending on huffington post . can i borrow your wallet? come on. well, chances are i can actually guess your pin number . so i could use your card. the new study is ranking the most common pin numbers. here they are. the top three. 0000 in third. 1111 . and then the top of the list, what do you think it is? it's 1234 . so people actually are using these.

>> who would do that?

>> it seems with all of these 10,000 different possible combinations, people still two for the easiest ones. almost 11% of us still go for whatever seems most easy to remember.

>> it's because we have so many different passwords that you have to do something you can remember and spelling your own name, which is not mine --

>> i was going to say, what is your password.

>> what's your social security number also? while we're at it?

>> does it start with a 1 and 19 because that's also --

>> no one guessed it about you.

>> it makes no sense. it