TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

Oprah: ‘I don’t think about’ legacy, ‘I just try to live’

Oprah Winfrey opens up to Chris Witherspoon of theGrio about her role in the new film “The Butler,” her thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case, and what she wants to leave behind as her legacy.

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>> her return to the big screen in the butler next friday. she recently sat down to talk about that role and touched on other subjects including the trayvon martin case and what she wants to leave as her legacy.

>> it's so easy during this time. trayvon martin, parallel to emit emitteal. you can get stuck in that.

>> how do you want to be remembered in history.

>> what i do every day is try to be -- to allow the truth to speak through me and to open people's hearts and to let them see the greater possibility for themselves. that's what i do. that's what i did every day on the oprah show. that's what i do in my magazine. that's what i do. i think that the work you have done speaks for you. i remember when i opened my school in south africa and i said this will be my legacy. this school is going to be my legacy and maya said you have no idea what your legacy will be. your legacy is what you do every day. it's every life you've touched. it's every person whose life was either moved or not. it's every person you harmed or helped, that's your legacy. so i don't think about it. i just try to live it.

>> a good way to look at it.

>> yeah, that was oprah talking to chris witherspoon. she had a goodyear after critics counted her out last year.

>> never count out oprah . you can catch the whole intervene this afternoon. and coming up, 60 plus and loving it. more women are gaining confidence at that age after your