TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

Most moms since 1967 giving birth in their 40s

Birth rates among women aged 40 to 44 have hit their highest point in decades as more women say they postponed childbirth for careers or while waiting for Mr. Right.

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>>> times, becoming a mother later in life. according to new federal data women in their 40s are more likely to have babies now than in four decades. among women ages 40 to 44 birth rates hit their highest point since 1967 and many are first time mothers. what is behind the numbers? some delayed the child birth because of busy careers and others said because they hadn't found mr. right and others said all of the above.

>> it makes sense when you think about it?

>> of course. people are work more and getting married later in life.

>> i was wondering if my mother was selecting the trending item.

>> good thing with modern medicine that more women are able