TODAY   |  August 04, 2013

Dog and owner dancing duo look to win

“We practice all the time,” said Kelsey Huxford, who is competing alongside her dog Bailey on “America’s Got Talent.” The two showed off their signature move to the TODAY anchors.

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>> did you expect to get this far? tell me how all this came about?

>> no, i never expected to get this far. we auditioned back in chicago and we just prab tctice all that we can.

>> bailey does like to dance, bailey likes to practice with you and bailey's moves involve going backwards?

>> yes, anything backwards, he loves it.

>> do you know why?

>> no, he thinks it's funny, think.

>> will he do it for us today?

>> can you go backwards?

>> bailey.

>> good boy.

>> he needs a gps. recalculating.

>> sit.

>> you do recall -- you do know last year's winner was a dog act, right?

>> yes.

>> now how do you even train bailey pour this?

>> a lot of positive reinforcement and he just loves it.

>> so when they're happy it makes it a whole lot easier?

>> yes.

>> he seems to be a natural performer.

>> is there a favorite move? does he run backwards through the house when it's appropriate?

>> he'll want a treat and he'll just back up and he just expects me to give him a treat for it all the time now. performing for it.

>> he's clearly very smart. good luck to you both.

>> thank you so much.

>> we'll catch you on "america's got talent" tuesday and wednesday at 9:00, 8:00 central. good