TODAY   |  August 04, 2013

Driver plows into crowd on Calif. boardwalk

Police say the driver of a vehicle tore along a crowded pedestrian area and tourist spot in Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The driver ditched the car after the accident and fled the scene on foot. NBC’s Veronica De La Cruz reports.

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>>> deadly scene in southern california where a car roared into a crowded beach boardwalk killing a person and injuring 11 others. veronica de la cruz is here with the story. veronica, good morning.

>>> good morning to you. the venice beach boardwalk is always packed with people. on saturday it was no different. investigators still don't know exactly what happened but it does not appear that the driver slowed down as the are car rammed into the crowd. authorities in los angeles say a person of interest is now in custody following a bizarre hit-and-run on a popular beach boardwalk saturday evening. these images from a security camera show the scene as it unfolded.

>> all i saw was a car emerging from the crowd driving southbound on the boardwalk, just plowing through whomever was in its way.

>> reporter: police say the driver tore along the crowded popular tourist spot the for several city blocks before ditching the car and fleeing on foot.

>> the scene was really bad. there were tables, people everywhere, blood everywhere. there was scattered stuff.

>> reporter: authorities say about an hour later a man walked into a police station nearby and claimed he was involved. and while they don't know the driver's motive, they say he will likely face homicide charges in addition to a felony h hit-and-run.

>> it was horrible. it was the ugliest scene i've ever seen.

>> reporter: now police are looking into the possibility that the man did this deliberately, but at this point they still don't know.

>> all right, veronica, thanks very