TODAY   |  August 03, 2013

Extreme pogo jumper sets high-jump world record

XPogo, an extreme version of pogo jumping, is heading to new heights and attracting attention, not to mention world records. The 10th annual winners of Pogopalooza made a special appearance on the TODAY plaza Saturday.

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>> nick ryan is here as the cofounder of x-pogo. those pictures are amazing.

>> we had the tenth annual world championships last weekend. it is the emerging action sport of extreme pogo sticking. it was insane. the guys went head to head in three competitions. they all took home medals.

>> we were here once before. i'm curious. have you crossed the invisible boundary where you have gone into an extreme sport that's recognized?

>> i think we have. this weekend was that moment. we graduated out of grassroots activity into a young sport. these guys are really, truly professional athletes. what they did was incredible to see.

>> we wanted to see it here. it started raining so for your safety we'll show the video.

>> you set the world record in high jump ?

>> that's correct.

>> how high did you go?

>> 9'7" 1/2 over a bar.

>> thousands watched him. he went over the bar at the last moment of the day. it was incredible.

>> best moment of my life.

>> did you surprise yourself?

>> absolutely. that was a record i wanted for such a long time. to do it at pogo palooza 10, where it's a transition point. it was great.

>> congratulations. next time we'll try not to have the rain