TODAY   |  August 03, 2013

More millennials living at home than ever before

“It’s never a good thing,” said Samantha Ettus of “Working Moms Lifestyle," of the trend that more young adults are living back at home, due to “a combination of both economics and parenting styles." She offers advice on how millennials can begin making their exit into the world.

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>>> as millennials are doing it. samantha from working mom's lifestyle is here to help. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let me read the numbers. argt pugh research center 36% of young adults 18 to 31 were living at home last year, the highest number in 40 years.

>> it is.

>> is that a good thing?

>> it's never a good thing. we don't raise our kids in the hope that they will return to the nest. that's never our dream as a parent. we want to raise children that are self-sufficient and self-reliant and able to get a job on their own and thrive. these statistics respect showing that.

>> a lot of young people will tell you the job market isn't what it used to be and salaries aren't what they used to be. moving out isn't always an option.

>> absolutely. for a lot of kids in college, grad school , this doesn't reflect college numbers. it's not because more kids are attending college or grad school . we are seeing such a deep increase, a dramatic increase that it's about much more than that. i think it's a combination of economics and also parenting styles .

>> parenting styles in that this is a generation of the helicopter parent .

>> it's the first generation we are seeing that was the product of this hovering kind of parenting. we all know now that the helicopter parent leads to a less self-reliant child.

>> that leads to my next question. in some cases is this delaying adulthood -- not having the responsibility of paying rent, paying utilities and all the things that come with living on your own?

>> sure. when you are living at hole you are not able to have a normal adult relationship. when you go out on a date, you go home to your parents' house. every part of your life is stunted when you live at home unless you have an exit strategy . for parents whose kids have a clear exit plan , i'm living at home for two years to save money, that's a different thing.

>> the relationship is obviously different. this is an adult. you don't necessarily want to kick them the out the door. how do mom and dad and the the kids navigate this?

>> it's about how ambitious your child is. if your child has no desire or motivation to leave, you have to be tougher. make some rules and set ground rules and have them contribute financially. however if your child is ambitious and trying to save money for a couple of years and has a specific exit strategy , there is no need to worry.