TODAY   |  August 03, 2013

Couple’s dying son, 2, to be their best man

A couple’s wedding on Saturday promises to be extra special. The couple says the day is really for their two-year-old son, who is fighting a deadly disease. The little boy will have a big role in the big day. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>> that's your latest forecast.

>> now to a story that's touching a lot of hearts this morning about a little 2-year-old boy suffering from a terminal disease . he'll be the best man at his parents' wedding today.

>> when they learned h he had weeks to live, they couldn't wait.

>> reporter: christine swidorsky is marrying the love of her life today.

>> i have been waiting for this for a long time.

>> reporter: the bride and her groom sean shared so much together already. raising three children just outside pittsburgh, including little logan who spent the majority of his two years fighting for his life.

>> i'm so thankful my son will be here to join us.

>> reporter: today the couple says "i do" with logan stepping in as best man.

>> he's my best buddy. i couldn't ask for a better best man. there wouldn't be any man to replace him. he's the biggest man i know.

>> reporter: logan was diagnosed at 14 months with a rare blood disease . after rounds of chemotherapy and daily medicine doctors say he has only weeks to live.

>> it's supposed to be my and my fiancee's today. we're making it logan 's day.

>> reporter: the couple set a date for next year. along with his favorite stuffed animal bun-bun and his sisters, logan will be part of the big ceremony in the couple's backyard.

>> i will carry my son down the aisle so we can meet his daddy. to me, that's special.

>> reporter: family, friend s and the community helped out, too. donating many of the items to help create the wedding of their dreams.

>> you know, he's our family. our kids are our family. our lives reevolve around our children.

>> reporter: a time to celebrate family.

>> we just want to cherish every moment with logan . that's all i want to do as a family with my son is just be there and be happy.

>> just hold him.

>> just hold him.

>> reporter: and make joyful memories. for "today," michelle franzen , nbc news, new york.

>> so tough. we're going to share moments of their special day with you tomorrow right