TODAY   |  August 03, 2013

4-year-old mayor facing re-election

Bobby Tufts, 4, is not even in kindergarten yet, but he’s old enough to be mayor of his town of Dorset, Minn. He’s already been serving in the office since last year, and now he’s up for re-election. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> you may remember this little guy. he joined us in studio at the ripe young age of 4. he 's already the mayor of his town. dapper, too.

>> now the little boy who hasn't made it to kindergarten yet has made it to re election. kevin tibbles tracked him down.

>> reporter: election fever hit dorsett , minnesota. population 22.

>> hi, mayor. can i shake your hand?

>> reporter: pressing the flesh and handing out cards is mayor bobby who is up for re election. this pint-sized politician is a hit. at 4 he already carries a big stick . heck, who can argue with his platform. if you are elected are we all getting a free ice cream cone ?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: off to oh the parlor we go.

>> how many scoops, bud?

>> five.

>> reporter: mayor bobby bellies up to the bar for a scoop of his favorite, butter brickle . he won last year when his name was pulled out of a hat. do you like being the mayor? why?

>> because i do a good job.

>> reporter: you do a good job. that's what everybody says. to vote it costs you a buck. you can put any name in the box. all the proceeds go to the town fair. ballot box stuffing is encouraged in dorsett .

>> i like meeting future mayors and future candidates of america.

>> reporter: like most big shots bobby has a chauffeur.

>> he was in london, germany. that's crazy. my 4-year-old is a world traveller before me.

>> reporter: what time do mayors go to bed?

>> 8:00.

>> reporter: probing interviewers take a back seat to bugs and burtflies.

>> i'm getting the dragon fly i see.

>> reporter: i have had a lot of guys get up from interviews with me.

>> i will give you my bestest.

>> reporter: give me your bestest. hokey smokes, that went a mile. the mayor unwinds with his rod and reel on local lakes teeming with fish. give it a nice cast.

>> oh!

>> reporter: you got a little bass .

>> yeah.

>> reporter: a little bass there.

>> doesn't have any --

>> reporter: gently put him in. that fish was two feet long, right?

>> 50.

>> reporter: 50 feet long? now you sound like a politician. sadly, after a dip in the lake it's nap time and we take our leave.

>> my name is robert and i approve this message.

>> reporter: bobby won't kiss your baby but he'll kiss your fish. you're a good mayor.

>> give me your line.

>> reporter: kevin tibbles, nbc news, dorsett , minnesota.

>> he's adorable.

>> cute kid. good fisherman.

>> kevin was adorable with him. they make quite a pair.

>> absolutely.

>> the election is set for tomorrow but it is an honorary thing.

>> i think they will probably stuff the ballot box .

>> i don't normally weigh in on politics, but i wish him the best.

>> how about tibbles teaching him to be a politician. that's not small. it's big!

>> good stuff.

>> adorable.