TODAY   |  August 03, 2013

Weiner says he is ‘100 percent not’ sexting

Anthony Weiner is hoping to get back to the politics of running for Mayor of New York City after his latest sexting scandal, and says what’s important to him are the issues facing New Yorkers. NBC’s Andrew Siff reports.

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when was the last time you sent a sexually explicit text or e-mail.

>> at this period, a year or so ago. i don't have the records. it's something i put behind me.

>> reporter: so not 2013 , not this year.

>> no, no.

>> reporter: you're not currently engaged in a nonexplicit online relationship --

>> 100% not.

>> reporter: with that anthony weiner hopes to get back to the politics of running for mayor. the feisty congressman who used to be known for theet rikk to be known for theetnown for theatrics on the house floor, now trying to get back on message. his wife stood by him when the second texting scandal broke last month. since then the long-time aide to hillary clinton has stayed out of the spotlight.

>> a lot of people wouldn't want to annoy their wife's boss. your wife's boss is hillary clinton .

>> i have no reason to believe she's annoyed.

>> reporter: weiner's campaign derailed when the new pictures and e-mails surfaced, and a new timeline. weiner continued sending racy messages for more than a year after his resignation from congress. when i asked him why he hadn't disclosed that before, he got combative.

>> andrew. you can if you want use this interview to talk about the scandal. look, i know it's out there. i did these things. at what point do i get to sigh, talk about important issues for new york? when do i get to say that?