TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

A toast to fruit-infused wines

Kathie Lee and Hoda try a new take on their favorite beverage as they taste flights of flavored wine, ranging from sweet and simple pear-infused Pinot Grigio to a deep plum-flavored rice wine.

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>>> just when you thought wine couldn't get any better, we're about to try six different types. yes, six. infused with a variety of flavors.

>> i knew this show was getting better. they fill your shelves at the local wine shop but do they really hold the flavor they are infused with? leslie sobracco, author of the simple and savvy wine guide is here with a tasting.

>> this woman has infused more things than anything on the planet.

>> that's supposed to be a secret.

>> infusion is classic. and we're going to hit some classics in a second. it's been going on for centuries where they infuse with herbs and flowers and all sorts of wonderful things. the other thing is to infuse with flavors. i wanted to put you to the taste to see if you can smell. i've had chocolate wine on here, right?

>> hoda loved it. me, not so much.

>> we'll go one, two, three. we've given you some clues on the table. this is a wine. all three of these first wines are lower in alcohol. very affordable, under around $10.

>> i'm going to say that is peach.

>> you'll see peach.

>> peach.

>> you are both wrong.

>> what?

>> this is peach to me.

>> that is actually a pear pinot grigio .

>> i love that. that is so -- you can see through it.

>> $5 a bottle.

>> what?

>> $5 a bottle.

>> this is going home with me.

>> i like it.

>> okay.

>> should we cleanse our palate?

>> the next is a sparkling wine from california. now smell that because there's a unique smell to that. i want you to look at the table and see what you smell.

>> i smell anthony.

>> i'm going with cloves.

>> you are going with clove.

>> you are so close. so close but so far. kathie lee , anything? this is actually an almond.

>> an almond.

>> this wine is.

>> it's infused with almond and is great with nuts and cheeses.

>> you are on a roll.

>> this is an interesting one. i'm going to see if you --

>> bubble gum .

>> what do you --

>> it smells like bubble gum .

>> i don't have any bubble gum in here.

>> it's definitely cinnamon.

>> cinnamon? what do you say? you don't know?

>> plum. i was going to say strawberries.

>> it's not really fair as i throw food around at you. this is sake.

>> i like sake.

>> i love sake. i'm already moving on.

>> this is rice wine . that's infused with plum.

>> now i'm going to take your drinks away.

>> don't take them too far away because i like them all.

>> you are at the bar. you're my kind of girl.

>> the rose. it's a party now. drink the rose. i'm going to give you one clue. this is absolutely --

>> nothing helps at all.

>> so the classic infused wines are from france and italy. these are lillet rose. it got a little bit of --

>> what do you think it's infused with?

>> basil.

>> basil?

>> and mint.

>> it's fruits and --

>> what?

>> the french drink it with?

>> what's the answer?

>> it's basically infused with a combination of all of this.

>> lillet rose is absolutely beautiful.

>> we're going to toast you on that one. we have to run. any time.

>> love you sweetheart.