TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

Best workout gear on the go

Certified trainer and fitness editor at Women’s Health Magazine, Jen Aton, selects top products like the Trigger Point Mini Roller to help maintain a steady workout routine that fits with your summer travel schedule (and in your suitcase).

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>>> all right. always on the go this summer but don't want to leave your fitness routine behind when you travel or don't have too much space in your suitcase? we have no problem here.

>> here with gear to keep you organized and fit when you travel is jen ader. how are you?

>> hi. how are you?

>> good. how are you?

>> when you travel --

>> sometimes when you travel you don't want to pack all the junk.

>> but you don't want to miss your workout.

>> bring the things that will maximize your routine without taking up too much space.

>> yoga mats roll up into a big long roll. lotus yoga came up with this fantastic idea. it folds up and will fit in your carry on.

>> now you have no excuse.

>> also great for people, not just yoga but if you don't want to do a routine in your hotel room on the floor, on the carpet. throw that down. super easy for whatever you're going to do.

>> foam rollers. this is the most underrated piece of equipment that people don't use enough.

>> how do you use it?

>> it will help you before and after workouts. if you are sitting on a plain for a long time. it helps by massaging out some of the knots.

>> your going to get into the --

>> she said on the plane.

>> after the plane. not on the plane.

>> try that on the plane.

>> if you have tight muscles, low back pain. it's going to keep you feeling healthy.

>> other passengers will understand.

>> this, i never travel without these. might as well be my luggage. we're going to go over and try these. they are created by a celebrity trainer valerie waters. if you have carpet, you work on these. or if you are on the tile. it makes everything more difficult. if you do a regular lunge, your back leg isn't working that hard. if you do it with a slide, this leg will be engaged the entire time.

>> that looks hard.

>> i think i did a lunge once in 1942 .

>> i am scared of my knees.

>> we can't do it in heels. wish we could.

>> that was fun.

>> you don't want to bring bulky equipment. this is strength stacks. a stack of cards that have body weight exercises on them.

>> so there are different ones for each body part .

>> play it with friends and family pull different cards out.

>> what's really great you can scan the qr code and get a youtube video of how to do them.

>> see?

>> wow.

>> so you never really have an excuse for not knowing what to do or --

>> i like my excuses.

>> what else?

>> headphones are always a drag because they have all the cords and mess.

>> i love these.

>> what happened? where's the ipod?

>> exactly, right?

>> use your imagination.

>> do it. hit play. i wanna hoda on your kotb

>> you can have this in your bag. it can be up to 30 feet away. those are from j bird sports.

>> i am so into these.

>> is my song on there?

>> not exactly.

>> when your exercising you'll be running. they aren't going to fall out.

>> we have about ten seconds.

>> snacks.

>> these are great. go stack by blender bottle. take all