TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

Use your smartphone as a real estate agent

Battling the real estate market isn’t easy, but these two apps chosen by TODAY’s Sara Haines include features like constantly updated listings and mobile tour scheduling that will help you pick your new home at the touch of a button.

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>> two helpful free apps for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

>> first up an app called redfin. click on a map. search an area, a zip code or school zone . it will pop up. and it gives you a video -- not a video tour , picture, like a gallery. it also will let you see like what agents that have toured the house . every detail on the house as you can see here. like pets, anything, like, why did i just say pets?

>> i don't know. because you are interested in pets. i'm thinking about my dog right now. what's cool about this is there's something called the price whisperer. this is only available on the website right now, not on their app. if you are in the market to sell your house it allows you to make a test sale, pick a price. it's sent out to 250 potential buyers and they'll give you feedback as to, would i pay that much for the house ? also these agents aren't paid on commission. they are salaried. and they're paid on customer service . and you can click on here if you like the house you see. within the same day they can give you a tour if you want.

>> that's cool.

>> this is a joanne lamarcus specialty. it's home snap. you look at a house and you snap a picture of it on the street. now watch this. it will literally start to reveal everything about the address, the details on the house .

>> how does it know?

>> if it's not for sale it will give you what it was most recently sold for which is what joanne and her husband ran around doing on their vacation.

>> that is so rude.

>> you can mail it to someone. also request a tour if you want to see it. and usually within the same day because these agents are in the same areas.

>> and really great.