TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

Brian Williams taking leave of absence

The NBC Nightly News anchor will undergo knee replacement surgery to relieve a high school football injury. Williams says that he’s been in pain for 35 years, and finally decided to do something about it. He plans on only being away from the anchor desk for a couple of weeks.

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>> speak being of our nbc family we want to take a moment and give our best to brian williams . he announced he'll soon be taking a leave of absence to undergo knee surgery that stems from an injury he got while playing high school football like many other americans dealing with knee injuries. brian said he's been in pain for 35 years. said he finally decided to do something about it and so we wish brian, our friend, the best. such a hard worker. i know it's hard for him to take that leave of absence.

>> we hope. knee replacement is a tough, tough deal. i had one replaced. i have to have another one. as long as you do the therapy. you have to do the physical therapy .

>> get a deal. buy a knee get one free.

>> you guys offered to come over in your nurse's out fit.

>> that's a regular saturday.