TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

Post office may deliver booze to boost revenue

The Postmaster General wants to overturn laws restricting the delivery of alcohol in the mail in order to boost revenue. Postal delivery of beer, wine and spirits could raise as much as $50 million dollars, which could help ease the $16 million in losses the post office has suffered this year alone.

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>> trending on msn, message in a bolt. you may have heard the saying no mail is good mail. maybe we'll feel differently if the post master general gets his way. in an interview he said he would like to overturn laws restricting delivery of alcoholic beverages by mail. that's right. beer, wine, spirits delivered right to your door when you get home on a friday they serve them up in a martini glass . that's wishful thinking for the post office if it raidses $15 million right now it's suffering from $16 billion in losses from this year. a lot of people say this makes economic sense. question is how do you all feel?

>> totally for it.

>> all on board.

>> when they first told me this story this morning i thought oh, the post office is going start selling wine?

>> that would being a great.

>> drink your beer while you buy your stamps.

>> let's go to the post office .

>> good idea.

>> hey look at that guy on the wanted poster . that's me.

>> why am i on that poster.

>> our viewers are for it. 82% said yes. 18% said no.

>> a self-serve bar.

>> still voting.