TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

‘Glee’ reveals details of goodbye to Cory Monteith

New details on how the show will write out Monteith’s character have been shared: The third episode of the upcoming fall season will deal with drug abuse, and the cast will be featured in PSAs specifically addressing the topic. FOX executives also commented that Monteith’s girlfriend and castmate Lea Michele has been a “pillar of strength.”

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>> trending on the daily beast how "glee" will say good-bye. new details on how the fox show will write out cory "montieth's" character when "glee" returns it will deal with drug abuse . cory's character won't necessarily die from an overdose but they will address the issue. since "montieth's" sudden death last month. .

>> everybody has to be watching you to see how you react.

>> it's good they are dealing with the issue and doing the psas which is so important for young people . everybody is great. they had genuine affection.

>> the planning of everything.