TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

Earhart namesake: Flying ‘to keep her spirit alive’

Amelia Rose Earhart, a descendent of the famous female flyer who shares her name, talks about the her new plan to fly around the world, finishing the pilot’s original flight plan.

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>>> with new details on something we first told you about on thursday. in 1937 amelia earhart attempted to fly around the world but vanished somewhere over the pacific ocean .

>> nearly over 80 years later her distant relative will try to finish that journey. she happens to be a reporter at our denver station, amelia rose good morning.

>> i'm a namesake of amelia and my dad's last name is earhart. our family shares a distant common ancestry to amelia . my parents didn't really name me amelia earhart because of our relation. it's very distant. they want to give me an inspirational namesake. they had no idea i would actually ever fly.

>> people have been asking you do you fly, do you want to be pilot since you were old enough to talk.

>> every single day in my life. are you a pilot. i got sick of telling people no. i'm getting disappointing looks on people's faces. as soon as i can afford it i'll trite. in college i took my first flight lesson and i haven't stopped since.

>> you're planning to recreate her trip around the world. you'll do it with patrick carter . you side it will take two weeks?

>> two weeks at the minimum. we have 14 stops. two to three weeks. we'll sleep our required amount. refuel the plan.

>> oakland is where it starts.

>> we'll start in oakland , california, make our way down to miami, brazil, cut across africa, make our way u india, australia and south pacific . low passes over highland avenue .

>> what's the furthest you've flown so far?

>> so far my longest flight was a transcontinental flight recreate amelia 's flight across the u.s. from oakland to miami. it was awesome.

>> what does it nine. you share her name. you're very interested in her. but to retrace her steps.

>> i've been having this conversation by entire life. it always comes up. when i think about the best way to honor being a namesake of amelia it's about adventure. there's not a lot of things we're entitled to. but we're entitled to developing our own adventure. this is my version of adventure. and best way to keep amelia 's spirit alive.