TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

Archaeologists: We found piece of Jesus’ cross

After digging for four years, a group of Turkish archaeologistsarcheaologists believe they have found a piece of the cross of Jesus Christ, an artifact that could become an instant icon of Christianity.

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>>> what could be a remarkable discovery. archaeologists working at an ancient church in turkey believe they may have found a piece of the cross of jesus .

>> reporter: after digging for four years and finding 1,000 human skeletons turkish archaeologists believe they struck biblical code a fragment of the cross of jesus . they found it in this stone chest engraved with two crosses. professor gulgun koroglu says this piece macon taken a bone of a christian saint or a piece of the cross that jesus christ was crucified on. if so it will become an instant icon of christianity found in a church built in the year 660. in the fourth century wood fragments said to be from the cross were sent from these shores across the mediterranean to rome and constaninople. the shroud in turin is said to hold the image of jesus . the arc of noah is said to have been found several times. either way the turkish archaeologists say the stone and its contents have a very important history. they have been examined in an laboratory. for "today," martin fletcher , nbc news, israel.