TODAY   |  August 01, 2013

Bill Paxton: Denzel is ‘quite nimble’ on set

Actor and director Bill Paxton, no stranger to blockbuster hits, is in the cast of the new action thriller “2 Guns.” He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda about his respect and admiration for co-stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

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>>> good by bill paxton has started in blockbusters. and he's earned three golden globe nominations playing a man with three wives on the critically acclaimed series " big love ."

>> now he's being described as deliciously oily.

>> and that's the best --

>> in his latest film "two guns" he plays a mysterious cia hire who enjoys a slick game of russian roulette . you'll love this scene. take a look.

>> you ever play russian roulette ? the thing is, most people put the gun on the table. well, that's just stupid. you blow a man's head off before he's had a chance to tell you what you want to know.

>> oh.

>> that's what we're talking about.

>> denzel 's got like $43 million?

>> 43.125.

>> which you tell them every time, don't forget the 125. but then you point it some place else, don't you? say, where's my money and denzel says --

>> it's not down there. and i say, you sure? something he improvised which is great.

>> he improvised that clip?

>> yes. he's very light on his feet. quite nimble. i think he has fun going up and down the notes of a scene. keeps it fresh.

>> is it fun to react when someone is playing that way?

>> i had to shoot that scheene my very first day of film chicago was very intimidating.

>> you have worked with a lot of huge stars.

>> i have a lot of admiration for denzel and mark. your always a little nervous.

>> a great cast. when you watch this movie you think, oh, it's one of those movies. but action buddy guy thing. this place takes you around curves and then back again upside down and you kind of -- it's kind of, whoa, i better not just eat the popcorn. maybe better think this through. everybody is not who they seem to be, bill paxton .

>> it's a little perverse. definitely a perverse sense of humor and a throwback to some of the action movies from the '70s. a movie called "charlie verek." the part i play is like joe don baker .

>> where did the accent come from?

>> the dialogue was very flowery and poetic. even though the guy was supposed to be from texas. i am from texas. i started watching a punch of old youtube interviews with tennessee williams .

>> you did?

>> i don't particularly care if i shock people. people were shocked by the truth were undeserving of the truth. the truth is something that one must deserve. so i started playing around with that and --

>> that's what's fun about acting, though, right?

>> oh, yeah.

>> when you first saw this script did you know immediately this was something you were going to be interested in?

>> i read a role and get really excited. no, they want you to play the sheriff. i'm like, i'm not going to do that. but i was really excited because i had a chance to read to show audiences.

>> you really mix it up in your career. that's what's so smart. the actor you love the most and haven't had a chance to work with yet?

>> jack nicholson .

>> jack watches us every morning. make a plea.

>> come on, jack. the man wants to work with you.

>> thank you, sweetie. good luck with the film. and the movie opens nationwide tomorrow.