TODAY   |  August 01, 2013

Viral sensations: 3 emerging YouTube stars

Beyond the one-hit viral wonders that come out on YouTube almost every day, there are users who are gaining hundreds of thousands of fans with each upload. YouTube’s Abbi Tatton introduces three whose channels are taking the Internet by storm.

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>>> video stars you might want to check out.

>> here to highlight emerging online stars is youtube 's abby patton. good morning, thanks for being here.

>> thank you.

>> we're going to start with a great video that has 4 million hits almost.

>> in just a week. i think, we think of youtube , we think of fun and funny videos . this one is getting millions of views because it's so useful. full of top tips for summer. grant thompson, who uploaded it to youtube and has a great channel on youtube , he's been putting this out there, and millions of people have now watched it.

>> the it the simplest everyday tips. this one right here, you can't get a straw to sit comfortably in a can of soda, and he gives you a little tip on how to do that. how to cut a mango. how to make a bag of chips turn into a bowl of chips.

>> how to hide your valuables in a shampoo bottle on the beach. this is getting views all around the worrell.

>> i was wondering if this is stuff you can easily do.

>> it is. we're going to do the chip one first. you have bags of chips getting messy at your barbecue. fold it into the top. and you're going to push it up from the bottom. look. carson's already done it. it looks a little bit better than that on the youtube video , but that's the general idea . then you have it at your barbecue, and you're not making a mess any longer. this is why we don't make the youtube videos. that's pretty good, carson.

>> oh, come on.

>> we picked the easiest one. the straw in the can. pull it forward, put it through. kind of, a little bit. you're doing all right. there you go. he's got many more videos on youtube you can take a look at.

>> okay.

>> the next one is

>> we're going to look at a video.

>> the face mashables.

>> this is a new comedy channel on youtube . it's been around for just a couple of months. 2 million views already. you've really just got to see this.

>> what is that?

>> jonah hill and --

>> can you guess who these are?

>> jennifer lawrence .

>> jennifer lawrence and jonah hill .

>> steve buschemi earlier with emma watson .

>> this is disturbing.

>> this is a guy called chase in north carolina .

>> there's emma watson there as well. don't you think you see steven tyler there?

>> yes, you do. and now i can't stop thinking about it.

>> actual audiofrom one of their are interviews.

>> he's using the audio from one of them and the face and the body from the other. this is super popular. this guy in north carolina is now taking suggestions for what he should mash up next. we had one for him. i wonder if you can guess who's in this one.

>> let's find out. let's roll.

>> oh, wow.

>> that's you and me, buddy.

>> oh, my gosh. that is disturbing. look at us, al.

>> you look a little like fred armisen .

>> i think you're right.

>> he's leaving "snl." you and i could replace him.

>> we'd have to do one of these sorts of things. hey, how are you? i'm over here.

>> there's a little walter matthau in there. scary.

>> like i said, how-to videos really popular on youtube . so popular, these videos are watched collectively 4 billion times last month. we've got one of them, which is really the how-to of the summer. this is from a guy david hatch .

>> look at that shirt.

>> shirt folding. fold it it in two seconds. we're going to do it.

>> there's a series of pinch points. is that the idea?

>> we've got t-shirts here. to make it easier, turn the collar to the right. you're going to have three points. point "a" in the middle here. pinch that with your left hand. point "b" over here at the top. we're doing this a little bit slower. point "c," fold it over, shake it out. there you go. mine's not so pretty. there's the general idea .

>> got a half fold there.

>> the thing about youtube , you can watch the video over and over again until you get it.

>> two seconds.

>> you can put it in a bag of chips, and there you go.

>> is there a need to have a shirt folded? if you work at the gap, i guess.

>> this video is so popular from new york to new zealand all around the world.

>> al, that's nice. you made a diaper.

>> then you can take your chips wherever you go.

>> perfect. thanks, pal. thank you very much, abby. appreciate that. you can find out more of these -- all these wonderful inventions, of course,, we'll put them up there.