TODAY   |  August 01, 2013

5 home projects that can be done in a weekend

If you’ve been itching to get your hands dirty this weekend, Kevin O’Connor, host of “This Old House,” is here to help. He shares five different projects you can tackle this weekend, from a wine rack to a garden trellis.

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>>> are you a weekend warrior who loves to take on new projects? is we've got cool ideas for you that should help you spruce up your home.

>> kevin o'connor of this old house and a contributor to "this old house" magazine. these are things we can do in our house, very easy to do.

>> things you can do on a weekend, and we'll start with the easiest. let's say you've got an old cabinet, and you found something at a yard sale or salvage, and the glass front is broken. instead of fixing it with glass, you can actually put chicken wire in here, give it sort of an old vintagy look. carson , you want to help me with this one.

>> watch your fingers.

>> i'll watch everything, pal. we've already started. you can simple staple it everywhere you go.

>> are you a manly man, carson ?

>> not at all.

>> it's a good way to put a little country feel. this is just a front here for a cabinet. you can do this with kitchen cabinets if the glass is broken. this is a look you might find in the pantry old time. good enough.

>> we're supposed to wear these?

>> take a pair of those.

>> that one, a couple bucks, and you're done. this is a wine rack. the idea here is it's actually made out of a garden planter. here's a garden planter you buy for $30, and we retrofitted it.

>> how did you make these things?

>> that comes -- we took out the bottom of the garden planter and started off with plywood. if you want to drill this for us right here, we'll show you. this is a hole saw , 3 1/2 inch.

>> right here?

>> anywhere, go.

>> close your eyes , natalie.

>> yeah, go.

>> i'm trying.

>> all right. what that's going to give you is the holes in the back, and you're going to cut those. across the front, you'll be able to mount your wine bottles right there.

>> make sure you don't reach in front.

>> if you're cutting, absolutely. $30, a little wine rack, no problem.

>> what are we making here?

>> this is a fun little game. pipe ball game . it starts with four-inch pvc.

>> pretty cheap, right?

>> eight foot length, $10, $12. that's all you need.

>> this is madeleine?

>> maddy helping us out. tennis balls .

>> cut it at a 45 degree angle.

>> make four in the back, about 18 inches or whatever. go down smaller.

>> and you've got a little game. you number them. this is four-inch. you put the numbers on right here. couple of tennis balls . give it a throw, maddy.

>> let's see it. okay.

>> keep working on it.

>> easy, cheap, lots of fun. here's something a little bit more aggressive. in is the garden trellis . i'm going to have you help me with this one actually.

>> given up on me?

>> you've got a nail gun . put a couple nails around the corner. you can buy this premade. the frame is 2 by stock. not bad. don't kill anybody.

>> new career here.

>> there you go, soldier. all right. so 2 by stock, easy to build. this will probably take you maybe the entire weekend, but the effect is pretty impressive.

>> i can see the guys out there who have saturday and sunday and want to get their hands dirty. i'm going to make a trellis.

>> really quickly, great for the kids as well. a ball pit .

>> 2 by 4 stock. we painted this to look like a fire engine . not a lot to it. you fill it with balls. carson is still firing nails in the back. ready to drive.

>> did you make this whole thing?

>> yeah.

>> that's awesome.

>> normally, you fill it with sand, but we put balls in there.

>> is there wood on the bottom too?

>> all 2 by, 1 by stock. these guys love it.

>> kevin o'connor, thank you.