TODAY   |  August 01, 2013

TV beauty buys: Testing infomercial products

Infomercials can be convincing, but how do the products really stack up? Taryn Mohrman of Woman’s Day reveals the magazine’s top beauty product picks and which ones just don’t do all they claim.

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>>> back now at 8:52, those infomercials can draw you in. when you're watching one, you think, gosh, i really want to have that. when you get the product home, does it stack up the way you thought it would? the editors at "woman's day" magazine reveal the most popular beauty products sold on television to help you decide if they are worth your time and money. taryn is a senior editor at "woman's day." good morning to you. before we get to the products, tell me about the process. how did you test these?

>> we put together a panel of seven editors in their 40s and 50s, all different ethnicities, and we sent them home with products to tryout in their routine one to six weeks.

>> they rated them 1 to 3. 3 is the best.

>> 1, didn't meet expectations. 2, it worked, maybe had a flaw. 3, a great product. they want to keep using.

>> meaningful beauty, cindy crawford 's daily routine.

>> it's supposed to erase lines and wrinkles you maybe already have and has a powerful antioxidant found in a rare melon. that's the key ingredient.

>> what do the reviewers think?

>> it got a 3 out of 3. our reviewers loved this product much it was their favorite. it went on nice and smooth. they saw results really quickly, and they really love this insert that told them what to apply, how to apply it, and when.

>> let's move on to the air curler. wild guess , it's supposed to curl your hair.

>> it is.

>> exactly how does it work? it's got this big contraption.

>> this is a styling tool that attaches to the end of your hair dryer , and it creates this vortex of air, when you put your hair inside, makes these nice polished curls.

>> how did this do?

>> it got a 1 out of 3. that's really because the results varied tremendously based on hair length and hair type. thinner, longer hair got great results. those with thicker hair got more of a beachy, wavy curl.

>> air curler provided a statement, "the air curler provides the best results when used on damp hair with up and down motion. the look and shape of curls produced by using the air curler are dependent on the thickness and length of hair. you need to use the hair dryer 's cool setting for the curls to set and maintain their shape."

>> tell us about this product.

>> color correcting cream. they're a big product right now. they have anti-aging benefits like vitamins and spf in them. this is from it cosmetics. it promises it's going to go on smooth, keep your skin looking flawless.

>> and this is supposed to be for aging skin, smoothing over fine lines.

>> this one got a 3 out of 3. our editors really liked it. it comes from it five shades. it was easy for them to find one that matched their skin tone . definitely a full coverage foundation. quickly and easily covered redness, blemish, and definitely fault it was flawless and smooth looking at the end of the day .

>> i'll be able to cover up all my bruises. the next one, we've got cheek duos. this is kind of exciting. is it supposed to give you that contour look?

>> it is. it's supposed to take the guesswork out of it. you have the bronzer, the highlighter, and then the blushes, plus this really smart brush that closes and opens for blending and then contouring.

>> so you get both of these items?

>> it's a set of two.

>> what did your reviewers think?

>> a 2 out of 2. the formula itself has a nice matte finish . and our editors like how easy it was. really takes the guesswork out of it. but the brush itself, it's a little small. it's sort of hard to hold. we felt the design could stand some improvement.

>> finally, hair care products. tell us about this. the company is wen.

>> this is wen by chaz dean. it's a cleansing conditioner. this is formulated without harsh detergents, going to be gentle on color treated hair, very hydrating, cut down on frizz.

>> how did it do?

>> 3 out of 3. another one our editors really liked. it doesn't lather like our normal shampoo. so it took a little getting used to. after that, they really appreciated how great it smelled, how healthy their hair felt, and loved the other extra products you can use as leave-ins and spray treatments.

>> thank you for doing a