TODAY   |  August 01, 2013

QB Drew Brees plays defense over meager tip

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is getting heat after a photo of him leaving a meager tip went viral. In his defense, Brees says the tip was for a take-out meal.

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>>> quarterback of the new orleans saints, drew brees , defending himself over a tipping controversy. he picked up a takeout order in california at a chinese restaurant . everybody does that. then they showed a photo of his receipt outing him, showing he tipped just $3. the total was $77. the restaurant later apologized the receipt was made public. it hasn't stopped critics from calling him cheap. i don't think people knew at first it was takeout. brees went to twitter and said, "in case anyone still cares about this report, i tipped $3 on a takeout. had we sat down, it would have been more than 20%." this is an interesting issue. how much do you tip on takeout?

>> takeout, $5. delivery, anywhere from $8 to $10.

>> he's close to five, by the way, there.

>> they still have to package it and put it together. that takes a lot of effort.

>> some people wonder, if i give the tip to the guy that gives me the bag, is it going to get to all the people that actually prepare it?

>> if it does, $3 isn't going to go very far. i understand his take on it, but i tend to give a little more even if it's takeout.

>> do you tip on the total or the subtotal?

>> in a restaurant? the total. double the first number.