TODAY   |  August 01, 2013

Couples on verge of divorce try ‘Hail Mary-moons’

For couples willing to give their relationships one last try, a “hail Mary vacation” is a last-ditch effort to wrestle a marriage from the jaws of divorce. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> now to a trend that seems to be growing among some couples who want to wrestle their marriages away from the jaws of divorce. they're calling it the hail mary move.

>> reporter: it's a reality no couple wants to face, but after 18 years of marriage, tom and susie were there. he moved out. she started dating. they were heading towards a divorce until susie thought, why not give it one last chance?

>> the first reaction was no. no, no, no, not doing this again.

>> reporter: but with continued persistence from susie , tom warmed up to the idea and proposed the two take a weeklong cruise together. it was an all or nothing vacation to save their marriage. a trend writer carrie stein has dubbed a hail mary move.

>> these trips are a last-ditch effort in the final seconds of a relationship to sort of snatch victory from divorce.

>> reporter: more and more couples are finding the key to happiness and love is on the road. deb and dave, travel bloggers, say their relationship was in a rut until a trip to thailand awoke something in them that had been dormant for years -- passion.

>> anything that two people do together that is unique to that couple can increase a sense of intimacy.

>> reporter: but it takes more than exotic locations and sandy adventures to save love from divorce. and sipping mojitos with her now ex-boyfriend in colombia didn't help carrie either.

>> the day that we landed back in new york, the arguments began again. it's not magical. you go to a beautiful place, your relationship is in a better place . basically, you have to intend on making it better.

>> reporter: but a week in isolation helped tom and susie reset an old relationship with some new lessons.

>> we learned things through our separation that worked, worked for us individually, and worked for us as a family.

>> reporter: a family now stronger than ever with a slightly newer appreciation.

>> i want to travel more.

>> reporter: for "today," nbc news, philadelphia.

>> that's a good idea. just stay on vacation forever.

>> don't come back to the reality of the world.

>> that's it.

>> for every success story on a trip like that, i bet there are some very awkward trips.

>> sometimes vacation can add to certain stressors.

>> we're going to add to your awkward series.

>> a whole awkward half hour. what the heck?

>> straight ahead, you know who's back? the professionals are back