TODAY   |  August 01, 2013

British PSA spotlights drunken rail travelers

A public service announcement in Britain called “Network Rail” hit the airwaves this week, revealing several gasp-worthy surveillance videos of heavy drinkers on train platforms who are lucky to be alive, including a drunk man who tries to board a moving train and falls onto the tracks beneath it.

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>>> a public service announcement unlike any other hitting the airways in britain this week, reminding riders that heavy drinking and tin platforms can be a dangerous combination. the network rail psa shows several caught on camera moments, including one that shows a man wearing a kilt trying to kick a pigeon. he loses his balance, falls onto the tracks. another shows a drunk man trying to board the train while iis still moving. he fell under that train. he survived. the psa says there were 1,600 accidents and one fatality at uk stations last year. we've certainly seen them when i've reported them on the news. an important reminder to all.